Fethiye Ördek Adası – Taking Pleasure From The Simple Things In Life

I'll hold my hands up; I've developed a little obsession with our local duck population in Fethiye. Even Barry lets out a little, "Aww," when we walk past them, so hopefully, these little animals are bringing as much joy to the other passersby as they are to us. (Ahh, the simple things in life, … [Read more...]

Fethiye, Flamingos & Football – A Weekend With Agent L (Part 1)

Twitter is a wonderful invention. No more than 140 characters per Tweet and yet you can get to know a stranger quite well and have a good sense that you will get on when you do eventually meet in person. This was certainly the case with the lovely lady behind the Istanbul blog, Agent L Abroad. When … [Read more...]

Watching Nature In Action – Spawning Season For Lake Van’s Inci Kefal

Every year, in May and June, thousands of fish swim upstream from their home in Lake Van for spawning season. On our recent trip to visit a friend in Eastern Turkey, we were lucky enough to be around just as the annual Inci Kefal migration started. Inci Kefal In Van Lake This is Erciş and … [Read more...]

Spring Just Sprung In Eastern Turkey – And We’re Loving It!

At the moment, we're on the final leg of a bit of a trek around Turkey. If you remember when we wrote about our Turkey travel plans (so far) for 2013, we said we would go north from Fethiye by bus up to Eskişehir, across to Ankara by high speed train and then we would take the overnight Van Gölü … [Read more...]

A Springtime Walk To Kayaköy – Scenes From A Stroll

So far this spring, the weather has been kind to us - and a couple of weeks ago, we decided to walk to Kayaköy from Fethiye with a couple of friends. We've done this walk many times, so this post is really just a few photos of springtime scenes from the walk...we just love this road and forest … [Read more...]

Ambling to Çiftlik Via The Scenic Route

Similar to last year, it's been a mild winter but it's been a wet winter. Last week, there was a lull in the rainfall so we decided to get out of the house and go for a leg stretch. As you know, we love a good food market and, as it was Thursday, we decided to get the comfortable walking shoes out … [Read more...]

Camel Wrestling: A Fethiye Fashion Show

Continuing from our previous post about eating camel sausage at the 2nd Karaçulha Camel Wrestling event, today's post will carry on the theme of camel appreciation - but we'll be concentrating on the aesthetics rather than the flavours. In the UK, we used to live near a major race course that … [Read more...]

Caretta Caretta in Turkey: Meet Deniz!

A couple of years ago, you may remember we went to Iztuzu Beach near Dalyan to watch the release of Özlem the loggerhead turtle back into the wild. A few weeks ago, while killing some time before dropping friends off at Dalaman Airport, we returned to Iztuzu Beach because these friends wanted to see … [Read more...]

Trekking in Fethiye Forests – The Processionary Caterpillar

If you've ever been to the Fethiye region of Turkey (or other pine forested areas of Mediterranean Turkey), you will no doubt have noticed the seemingly endless pine forests clinging to the hillsides. And adorning these pine trees, you've probably also noticed balls of white 'fluff' dangling from … [Read more...]

Camel Wrestling Comes To Fethiye

Yesterday, traditions usually associated with the Aegean region of Turkey headed south to the Fethiye region (the village of Karaçulha) and those who chose to attend were treated to a mini camel wrestling festival. I say 'mini' because I've seen photos of the size of the crowds attracted by the … [Read more...]