Camel Wrestling Comes To Fethiye

Yesterday, traditions usually associated with the Aegean region of Turkey headed south to the Fethiye region (the village of Karaçulha) and those who chose to attend were treated to a mini camel wrestling festival. I say 'mini' because I've seen photos of the size of the crowds attracted by the … [Read more...]

Fethiye Rumours – Kont The Dog

Kont the Dog in Deep Blue Bar, Fethiye A while back, we did a post on our favourite Fethiye animal, Kont the Dog. If he could sit down to write his autobiography, it would make for interesting reading. A former Paspatur resident, Kont the Dog has had a strange old life of ups and downs. Passed from … [Read more...]

Fethiye Weather – A Day of Two Halves

It's been a strange old day in Fethiye today. The Autumn weather is doing what it does best - warm, clear, sunny days, cooler, breezy days...and days like today. We woke up in semi-darkness this morning to the sound of steady rain falling on the roof. It's actually a comforting, cozy feeling, curled … [Read more...]

Our New Fethiye Pet

Well, when I say new 'Fethiye pet,' I mean more of a new 'regular visitor.' He's been with us for the last few days and I'd lay a good bet that he's with us now, as I write. Here he is. Isn't he a little / big beauty? His wings are amazing. Granted, a lot of people are going to look at … [Read more...]

Turtles in Mediterranean Coastal Turkey

Hopefully, you should be able to view a very short video now of Özlem (this name means 'longing') the loggerhead turtle being released back into the wild. Just click on the play button above. Last year we read in the Fethiye Times that Özlem was going to be released on Iztuzu Beach near Dalyan on … [Read more...]

Wildlife Spotting In Fethiye – Caretta Caretta Loggerhead Turtles

I've always been rubbish - or unlucky - at spotting wildlife. As everyone else stops to point and 'Aww' and 'Wow', I crane my neck to see what's going on and whatever it is that's causing the awe and wonder decides it's time to disappear again, leaving me to hope it decides to make a reappearance at … [Read more...]

Street Dogs in Fethiye

Awww. Meet Korky. She's a little street dog around our parts - we've got a pack of around ten at the moment - and we feed her sometimes. We've called her Korky because 'korkmak' is the Turkish verb for 'to be afraid.' This little thing is scared of her own shadow. She'll walk behind us occasionally … [Read more...]

Kurban Bayram In Fethiye

Today is the last day of Kurban Bayram - the festival of the sacrifice. Many a goat has ended its days (or had its days ended for it) this weekend, let me tell you. Traditionally, Turkish families sacrifice a goat or sheep (although qualified butchers are used more and more these days) and the … [Read more...]