Wildlife Spotting In Fethiye – Caretta Caretta Loggerhead Turtles

I've always been rubbish - or unlucky - at spotting wildlife. As everyone else stops to point and 'Aww' and 'Wow', I crane my neck to see what's going on and whatever it is that's causing the awe and wonder decides it's time to disappear again, leaving me to hope it decides to make a reappearance at … [Read more...]

Fethiye Summer Preparations – A Çalış Beach Clean-up

A few days ago, we went for a walk along Çalış Beach - we love it at this time of year when the weather's on the up but everywhere is still closed and sleepy. For me, I think it must come from a childhood of family holidays spent in Fleetwood. Definitely not rock n roll and definitely always sleepy … [Read more...]

Strange Creatures Residing in Fethiye

The weather in Fethiye has been absolutely amazing again today. A bit cool on the sea front in the wind but really warm in Fethiye town centre. Anyway, because it was so lovely, we thought we'd go out and about with my camera and get some sunny, Meditterranean, boaty, yachty photos to put on the … [Read more...]

Seasonal Weather in Fethiye – Blossom and Bees

Spring has very definitely come early in Fethiye this year but it's always welcome after sitting in the house for days on end, watching torrential rain. Another sign that the Fethiye temperatures are gradually on the rise is the sudden appearance of bright yellow blossom on many of the neighbourhood … [Read more...]

Street Dogs in Fethiye

Awww. Meet Korky. She's a little street dog around our parts - we've got a pack of around ten at the moment - and we feed her sometimes. We've called her Korky because 'korkmak' is the Turkish verb for 'to be afraid.' This little thing is scared of her own shadow. She'll walk behind us occasionally … [Read more...]

The 9 Lives of Fethiye’s Kont The Dog

This is the second time we've posted about Kont. The first time was when we said he was a clever dog - and he is a clever, lovely dog - because he could sense the earth tremors in Fethiye a while back. Poor Kont The Dog has had a funny old life - and he is getting a little bit old now. Aww. He's … [Read more...]

Rain!! In Turkey but not South Africa…

Ohhh, we're gonna get cabin fever if this relentless rain carries on. The weather in Fethiye has turned to its usual winteriness (not a word, I know) now. When it rains, we either get fantastic thunder storms and high winds or we get like it is today; very still, an all over greyness, misty and … [Read more...]

Kurban Bayram In Fethiye

Today is the last day of Kurban Bayram - the festival of the sacrifice. Many a goat has ended its days (or had its days ended for it) this weekend, let me tell you. Traditionally, Turkish families sacrifice a goat or sheep (although qualified butchers are used more and more these days) and the … [Read more...]