Baba Ganoush – A Turkish Meze Of Yoghurt & Aubergine

Summer is well and truly under way now and this is perfect weather for exploring Turkish meze recipes and, in particular, yoghurt-based meze recipes; perfect for keeping the body cool on ridiculously hot summer days. This yoghurt-based meze also uses a people's foodie favourite, aubergine. We've … [Read more...]

Mediterranean Style Tuna & Aubergine Pasta Bake Recipe – That’s What We Call It

Do you ever have those days when you just look in the fridge, you've got food in there but it's not really inspiring you and you fancy doing something a bit different with it? Our latest little fad is making 'Mediterranean pasta bakes.' That name is in inverted commas because we do just make them up … [Read more...]

Hünkar Beğendi Recipe – Ottoman Cuisine At Its Best

There are those moments in life where you peruse the menu in a restaurant, plump for a dish, stick your fork into the food...and then you get that life-changing taste sensation. And that's not so much of an exaggeration; life changing in the sense that you know you've landed yourself a perfect meal … [Read more...]

Turkish Recipes: Spicy Chickpea and Aubergine Stew

It wouldn't be surprising if just about every town and city in the UK had one. I'm talking about those book clearance shops that you just can't resist entering in the hope of a little bargain. Many years ago, we were in Wigan's clearance store, no doubt looking for a cheap Christmas present for … [Read more...]

Turkish Aubergine Salad Recipe – Ideal For Summer

In the UK, we call them aubergines but a more common word for those plump, dark vegetables appears to be eggplant. However, as translations of the Turkish dish "patlıcan salatası" tend to say aubergine salad on restaurant menus, we'll go with the flow and stick with that, rather than eggplant … [Read more...]

A Not Turkish Recipe – Ratatouille

I know ratatouille isn't a Turkish recipe - but as part of trying to eat healthily for our fast approaching run, we had it for tea a few nights ago. And of course, we made it with Turkish ingredients so it's kind of Turkish. I've never particularly liked ratatouille - what's so interesting about … [Read more...]

Turkish Musakka Recipe – A Dish For All Seasons

We got an email from a reader, once, telling us she had eaten many fabulous meals whilst staying in Turkey. Well, we get lots of emails like that, actually. But this particular reader told us she had particularly enjoyed the Turkish musakka - and she wanted to know if we had a Turkish Musakka recipe … [Read more...]

Turkish Food – Ekşili Patlıcan (Sour Aubergine)

Somebody asked us recently whether we actually make / cook all the food that we put on this blog. Apart from the fact that we fell in love with Turkey and Turkish food when we first came on holiday here, the next main reason for choosing to move to a place like Fethiye was so we could buy lovely, … [Read more...]

Turkish Food – Patlıcan Biber Kızartması

Patlıcan Biber Kızartması (Fried aubergine and pepper in olive oil and tomatoes) was one of the first home-cooked Turkish recipes we tried when we moved to Fethiye. We were round at a Turkish friend's house and his mum had made some for us. It's not the most appetising looking of dishes and it's … [Read more...]