More Live Music At Deep Blue Bar – This Time In Aid Of Street Animals

There are a lot of people in this world doing good things…and, on Monday night at Deep Blue Bar, a few people got together to do something good. Some of the musicians who have been playing at Deep Blue throughout winter decided to get together and put on a ‘bit of a do’ to raise […]

Deep Blue Bar, The Bluestone And Us – 5 Years Down The Road

It was January 2010 when we first wrote about The Bluestone playing at Deep Blue Bar in Fethiye…and, well, haven’t we all come a long way since then? Five years on, February 2015, and we were once again watching The Bluestone in Deep Blue Bar. The main part of the bar is now on the […]

Eating Fethiye: Cafe Bahane Indulgence – The Right Place At The Right Time

Yes, sometimes you drop lucky and you just happen to be in the right place at the right time. Way back in 2010, we wrote about how happy we were about a new arrival along Çalış Beach. This new arrival was Bahane Bar – and the bar is still going strong – and we’re still […]

Scott Jeffers & Traveler World Music – A Deep Blue Bar Treat

Summer in Fethiye has kicked off with a bang for us – different groups of friends over from England all at the same time and the days merge into one. A backdrop to all of this was the Fethiye Culture and Arts Days which happens every year and just gets bigger and better each time. […]

Fethiye & Paspatur: Spotlight On Deep Blue Bar

We’re always telling you about how new restaurants and bars are popping up in Fethiye, how existing places are being refurbished – or being knocked down and started all over again. We do wander other areas of Fethiye, but our main haunt is Paspatur – and yet we never really write about Paspatur. Well, not […]

Cafe Park Teras, Fethiye – A True Terrace Bar Experience

This Cafe Park Teras article was last updated in summer 2017 Is Cafe Park Teras our favourite terrace bar in Fethiye? Well, having been enjoying its views and tipples since its opening in 2010, it’s probably fair to say that that is indeed the case. We like to wander around the myriad of feeding and […]

Beer Sipping in Rhodes Old Town

As we posted about the joy that is an icy cold glass of Efes Pilsen yesterday, and as it’s the weekend, we thought we’d continue with the beer theme today. Unfortunately, Turkey is not renowned for its vast choice of beers and much as we enjoy a bottle of Efes (we drink from the bottle […]

Living in Turkey: Finding a Haven

We’re bar people. You’ll know that, anyway, if you read this blog on a regular basis… Wherever we are, we always find ourselves a little place; a haven where we can just sit, rest, feel comfortable with our surroundings, not worry about the outside world. We’re no strangers to a few beers – we love […]

Antalya Tea Gardens: Thirst-Quenching Views of Antalya

All cities have their own personality and, for us, sitting in bars and cafes allows a little peak into what makes the people of a particular city tick. Whenever we visit any new city, this activity is just as important to us as rushing around, doing all the sightseeing we feel we ought to do. […]

Dalyan – M&M Rock Bar

The Rock Bar in Dalyan has live music at weekends and is one of the most
cosy and friendly bars you will find in Dalyan