Kuru Fasulye – Süleymaniye Is Where It’s At

Istanbul and food and Istanbul and food and… Yeah, as well as the ridiculous array of sightseeing to be done in Istanbul, food is also what makes visits to the city so memorable for us. It’s not that we can’t get some of these foods in Fethiye, it’s just, well, the setting and the history […]

Entering Kebab Heaven At Çinili Köşk In Istanbul

Hmmm, a while back, we wrote a post about going to visit our Fethiye friend, Necmi, in his new ceramic shop in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. And in that post, we said woe betide if we ever went to Istanbul and didn’t pop by to visit him in the future. Yes, well, we’ve been to […]

Istanbul: Nargile And Çay In An Ottoman Setting

The first time we ever went to Istanbul we studied guidebooks carefully for all the must-sees; where they’re situated, what days they’re open, how much the entrance fee is. It was like a military operation because a trip to Istanbul was the fulfilment of an ambition for both of us. We wanted to make the […]

Turkish Souvenirs: Istanbul Ceramic

We’ve been looking forward to doing this post for some time for a couple of reasons. The first reason is because of the visual effect – I’m a sucker for mixed, vivid colours. The second is because all these mixed, vivid colours spill from our friend’s shop in Kapalı Çarşısı (known as the Grand Bazaar […]

Istanbul Vista – Galata Tower And The Golden Horn

We decided to take a detour through some of Istanbul’s back streets rather than walk down the busy main road of Divanyolu Caddesi to Sultanahmet yet again. I’ll admit to doing a bit of chuntering as we were on our way back from our second incomplete visit to Süleymaniye Camii. On the first of these visits, the mosque […]

Turkish Street Food: Cihan Derya Balık Lokanta

Turkey is well known for its fantastic street food and, in Istanbul, you could probably lay your hands on street food traditional to just about anywhere in Turkey. Whenever we visit Istanbul, one of the highlights of our time there is working our way through the variety on offer, and in October, we made our […]

Istanbul: Nostalgic Beyazıt

If you know this blog, you’ll know that we’re a team effort – and this half of the team knows very little about, and just cannot get interested in, the tech side of blogging. I like to write about our daily life in Fethiye and our travels and eats in Turkey. I love to take photos of […]

The Magnificent Süleymaniye Mosque In Istanbul

While we certainly haven’t seen all of the prominent mosques in Turkey, Süleymaniye Camii in Istanbul is a definite favourite so far. We visited here on our first trip to Istanbul some years ago – and we’ve been trying to return since. In February 2010, we trouped up the hill from Sultanahmet, only to be […]

Istanbul in Black & White: Photo Story

As we have just registered for the Eurasia Marathon, Istanbul is constantly
on our mind. Here are some black and white photos of Istanbul

Beyazıt Book Market: Hunting Out Cookery Books In Istanbul’s Student Zone

The photo below is of Beyazıt Camii in the Beyazıt neighbourhood of Istanbul. We always come to wander around this area when we visit Istanbul because it’s a student area and it has a pleasant vibe to it. This particular area is really pretty because you have the backdrop of the mosque, the gardens which […]