Road Trip Along The North Shore Of Van Gölü – To Tatvan

Wow, don't we just make a fabulous job of getting side tracked on this blog! One minute we're taking you to East Turkey, the next minute we're eating meze at a restaurant in Dalyan and allowing our addiction to Kabak to take hold; and that's in between writing about daily life in Fethiye - such as … [Read more...]

Visiting The Seljuk Tombstones Of Ahlat – Haunting Beauty In Eastern Turkey

Okay, so where are we up to? We showed you the map of our route from Patnos to Tatvan on our little mini road trip. Our first stop was Adilcevaz with the centuries old mosque and beautiful views across Van Gölü, and then it was time to press on towards Ahlat. And the Seljuk tombstones of Ahlat are … [Read more...]

Road Trip Along The North Shore of Van Gölü – First Stop, Adilcevaz

This was one of those little outings where, when you go to visit a friend in a new place, they have things they really want you to see before you leave. A bit of a quick stop tour. The east of Turkey really isn't close to Fethiye - it's only when you head that way that you really get a feel for … [Read more...]

Patnos To Tatvan Road Trip – A Journey Along The Shore Of Van Gölü

Back in February, we told you we were taking you on an East Turkey road trip and mapped the route out that we took. It was a long journey done over a couple of nights and our stops were Muradiye for the Muradiye waterfalls, Doğubeyazıt for İshak Paşa Sarayı, then Iğdır for a sleep, Tuzluca for the … [Read more...]