Turkey’s For Life First Birthday – Part 2

Well, I know the first anniversary of Turkey's For Life was a couple of days ago but the post was getting too long...and then I didn't post yesterday...and so here's a slightly later than planned Part 2. As it's the start of a whole new 'blogging about Turkey' year for us, we thought we should … [Read more...]

Turkey’s For Life First Birthday – Part 1

Twelve months ago today, I was sitting on the couch in our little living room in Fethiye and I decided to (finally) take action on starting the blog we'd been pondering for a while. We knew absolutely nothing about blogging and didn't really know if anyone would read it. No matter; it was going to … [Read more...]

Woohoo! Done it!

Well, who would've thought it? For months we've been talking about starting a blog but that's all it's been - talking, talking, talking. Today, I've finally sat down and five minutes later, here I am actually typing. Anyone who knows me will know this is a great achievement on my part - not the best … [Read more...]