Turkey’s For Life Round-Up

Amongst all the taking of photos, processing of photos, labelling them, writing posts, editing them, arranging them, publishing them, updating Facebook and Twitter and the like, there are always little changes and tweaks going on behind the scenes that we hope will continue to improve our blog. A … [Read more...]

Turkey’s For Life In The National Press

It's a happy day for us today. A few weeks ago, we were contacted by a journalist for one of Turkey's national newspapers, Hürriyet Daily News. They sent us an email explaining that they were interested in expat bloggers living in Turkey. They were curious about what makes us want to blog and … [Read more...]

Turkey’s For Life – 2011 New Year’s Resolutions

I know we're already into the second day of 2011. Maybe this post should have been done yesterday, but we always think of January 1st as the day that we just have to get through in order to come up smiling on the 2nd, ready to begin the new year with gusto. January 1st is the aftermath from New … [Read more...]

Turkey’s For Life First Birthday – Part 2

Well, I know the first anniversary of Turkey's For Life was a couple of days ago but the post was getting too long...and then I didn't post yesterday...and so here's a slightly later than planned Part 2. As it's the start of a whole new 'blogging about Turkey' year for us, we thought we should … [Read more...]

Turkey’s For Life First Birthday – Part 1

Twelve months ago today, I was sitting on the couch in our little living room in Fethiye and I decided to (finally) take action on starting the blog we'd been pondering for a while. We knew absolutely nothing about blogging and didn't really know if anyone would read it. No matter; it was going to … [Read more...]

Contrasting Summer Fethiye Weather – Where’s The Sun Gone?

You may well have seen this photo of Fethiye in the past because we can't remember whether we've used it before. Not to worry though because we're using it to serve a purpose today. You see, this is the Fethiye view we are familiar with in summer (this photo is from July 2008). And below is … [Read more...]

Woohoo! Done it!

Well, who would've thought it? For months we've been talking about starting a blog but that's all it's been - talking, talking, talking. Today, I've finally sat down and five minutes later, here I am actually typing. Anyone who knows me will know this is a great achievement on my part - not the best … [Read more...]