The Zeki Müren Arts Museum – Honouring A Turkish Superstar In Bodrum

Have you ever been to the Zeki Müren Arts Museum in the centre of Bodrum? If you have, then you'll recognise the photos and some of the stories we're about to relay here. If not, then let us tell you about this fantastically famous Turkish icon and why we decided to go and visit his former … [Read more...]

Why Duru Balık Was Our Bodrum Foodie Highlight

Travel's a personal thing and we all get our own highlights and memories from trips we go on. If you read this blog a lot, you'll know our travel highlights usually centre around some sort of food we've eaten and delighted in: Istanbul and the kokoreç in Galata, Izmir with its enormous midye … [Read more...]

Ağan Pension, Bodrum Centre – Another Little Happy Find

We're starting to get quite a little collection of comfortable, familiar go to places whilst on our travels around Turkey. In Antalya old town, we've got Hotel Twenty (we stayed there again on our last visit), in Kaş we've got Meltem Pension, Istanbul is the exceptional Istanbul Place Apartments and … [Read more...]

Turkey Street – Perking The Pansies Sequel Is Here

If you're wondering what book to read next, let us make a suggestion for you... Yes, what seems like many many moons ago, we wrote a gushing book review of Jack Scott's debut book, . We loved it! If you're not familiar with Jack Scott, he's a fellow blogger and, also, as you can see, a published … [Read more...]

2012 In Review – The Travelling Turkey Bit

2012 has been a bit different to previous years for us in that we've spent our first twelve months with Turkish residency. This has meant we haven't done any of our regular day trips to Meis so we had a bit of spare travel cash to play with to go somewhere a bit different. Let's have a look at some … [Read more...]

Expat Life In Turkey – Have You Read Perking The Pansies Yet?

There are a few of us Turkey bloggers around these days and one that we've followed for some time has taken it upon himself to write a book. It's often said that we've all got a book in us and well, if that's true, not all of us are going to actually sit down to organise our thoughts into a … [Read more...]

New Year in Fethiye

Fethiye, Friday, 31st December 2010. Not just any other day. It's New Year's Eve of course. Tomorrow is the start of a whole new year and no doubt many of you have got big plans for how you're going to make 2011 the best year ever. We have plans like that every year...but for now, we're just going … [Read more...]

A Short Break From Fethiye – Bodrum

If you're staying in Fethiye for a while (either because you live here or you're on a long holiday) and you fancy a change of scenery - not that you'd ever want to leave Fethiye of course, but you know what I mean - then we can highly recommend Bodrum. But there's a difference. We can highly … [Read more...]