Brokoli Salatası – A Tempting Turkish Broccoli Salad

From November, and right through into the colder months of winter, the stalls of Fethiye market and Çalış market are piled high with winter greens. And there is something oh-so-tempting about the sight of emerald green 'trees' of broccoli. We would never have written such a sentence a few years … [Read more...]

Broccoli Frittata Recipe – Fantastically Simple But Oh So Tasty!

Most of the recipes on this blog are Turkish recipes. You know, what with us living in Turkey and everything. We do, occasionally, however, cook dishes of the non-Turkish variety. And more often than not, these dishes will not make it onto these online pages. But there are always exceptions. This … [Read more...]

Potato & Broccoli Soup Recipe – A Steaming Bowl Of Winter Comfort

A comforting winter potato and broccoli soup recipe (patatesli brokoli çorbası). That's what's on the agenda. Well, it is winter! We need warm, we need cosy - and potato and broccoli soup certainly fits that bill. Seasonal Eating One of the great pleasures of our life in Turkey is the seasonal … [Read more...]