Fethiye – Winter – Street Food – Istanbul – A Stream Of Thought

December on the blog has been really interesting for us. December is the month where we - and just about every other blog / publication / tv or music show out there - look back on the year that's passed and then write various posts about it. And we will be doing that...It's just that we've kind of … [Read more...]

Istanbul Street Food – Black & White Series

Well isn't this a coincidence? Today's post is a series of black and white photos from Istanbul. It's not the first time we've done this. And there's the coincidence. On going back to our first Istanbul in Black and White post, it's become apparent that we published it exactly this time last year, … [Read more...]

Turkish Food: Honey, Nuts and Kriko

'EL-WAJ-EE, EL-WAJ-EE.' Stick around in any of the Fethiye bars and cafes for only a short amount of time and eventually, you will hear a male voice shouting something resembling that sound. This guy is a Fethiye institution; trundling up and down the harbour, around Fethiye Tuesday market and … [Read more...]

Fethiye Festivities – Sundial Hotel

We're getting there slowly; Christmas is creeping up on us really quickly and we're starting to feel the festive spirit really slowly. Yesterday helped us along the way very nicely though. Murat, the owner of the Sundial Hotel in Fethiye decided to play Father Christmas and invite people for an … [Read more...]