Fethiye’de Aşk Var – Spreading The Valentine’s Love In Fethiye

Amazing how so much can change in just a few years. We've never really been big on the Valentine's Day thing, and, when we first moved to Fethiye just over ten years ago, neither was Fethiye. We remember going to Deep Blue Bar a couple of days before the 14th February and mentioning that Valentine's … [Read more...]

Alternative Turkish Weddings – Celebrating The Marriage Of A Favourite Fethiye Couple

(This happy wedding blog post is written with the permission of Nichola and Doğan; the bride and groom. All photos are our own.) Nichola & Doğan's Wedding - Day One... Have you ever been to a celebrity wedding? No, neither have we - but we’re kind of claiming one now. Well, this is Fethiye. … [Read more...]

Camel Wrestling: A Fethiye Fashion Show

Continuing from our previous post about eating camel sausage at the 2nd Karaçulha Camel Wrestling event, today's post will carry on the theme of camel appreciation - but we'll be concentrating on the aesthetics rather than the flavours. In the UK, we used to live near a major race course that … [Read more...]

Turkish Food – Camel Sausage

Today was the 2nd Karaçulha Camel Wrestling Festival, just up the road from where we live. With just a 10 TL entrance fee and proceeds going towards the local school, we would have been negligent not to go again. Last year, we entered the 'arena' (read 'spare land') with trepidation and a little … [Read more...]

Camel Wrestling Comes To Fethiye

Yesterday, traditions usually associated with the Aegean region of Turkey headed south to the Fethiye region (the village of Karaçulha) and those who chose to attend were treated to a mini camel wrestling festival. I say 'mini' because I've seen photos of the size of the crowds attracted by the … [Read more...]

Turkish Food – Çorbalar (Soups)

Soup; a bit of an institution in Turkey... In Britain, when you come staggering out of whichever pub or club you've been in, at the end of the night the tradition is to go for a kebab...well, if you can call it a kebab...if you can call it food! I think The Streets best described the British … [Read more...]