Myra: Springtime Lycian & Roman Explorations

Back in March of this year, we were in Antalya for Runatolia, a running event that Barry took part in. If you followed the posts, you'll know that we took a hire car with us. And, on the way back, because we wanted to see the ruins of ancient Myra again, we did a mini D400 coastal road trip rather … [Read more...]

Adrasan Beach – A Detour From Our D400 Road Trip

In our previous post, we took you on a road trip along the coastal D400 road from Antalya to Fethiye. For the driver, it's a road that continually gives - and all it asks in return is that you take it easy, enjoy the amazing views, take in the layer-upon-layer of history...and just take your time on … [Read more...]

Antalya To Fethiye By Car – A D400 Coastal Road Trip

Antalya: to drive or not to drive; that is the question. Well, we're big fans of public transport in Turkey and Fethiye to Antalya by bus  (and vice versa) is a perfectly simple (and cheap) exercise. But when we went to Antalya in March we decided to take a hire car with us so we could drive back … [Read more...]