Kırçiçeği Cafe, Fethiye – Happy Fish Sandwich Familiarity

This is the tale of how we came to be regulars at Kırçiçeği Cafe in Fethiye's Dispanser. An unassuming little place that, in another time and another place, we might well wander past without giving it so much as a second glance... Before Kırçiçeği Cafe For years - certainly since we moved to … [Read more...]

Turkish Coffee – Served The Dibek Kahvesi Way

How do you take your Turkish coffee? Traditionally, should you feel the urge to get involved in the drinking of Turkish coffee, you can order your Türk kahvesi 'sade' (without sugar), 'orta,' (with a bit of sugar) or 'şekerli' (sugary) - and if your tooth isn't that sweet, you go for the orta. … [Read more...]

Yeşil Asma Yaprağı – Simple Lokantas Are The Best

When it comes to fast food, Fethiye is just packed with choices of where to fuel your belly quickly and cheaply for the day ahead. And nooo, we're not talking about the big international famous fast food chains. (Although there are a number of those too these days). We're talking about Turkish fast … [Read more...]

Changing Fethiye: The New Centre?

For quite a few years now, since the extension to Fethiye's harbour began, we've been hearing rumours that such and such an area is going to be considered the new centre of Fethiye. This apparent 'new centre' has shifted its whereabouts considerably over the years, depending on who you are talking … [Read more...]