(Mis)Adventures In Muğla – Duman, Otogars & Simit

"Hi, I'm in India. Duman in Muğla in March. Any interest?" Random short messages from random places in the world sent to us by friend and fellow blogger FoXnoMad do pop up in our inbox occasionally. We follow the Duman Facebook page but this date had escaped us. Fortunately, it hadn't escaped … [Read more...]

Duman At The Jolly Joker Concert Hall In Antalya – Realising A Dream!

Food, music, sport - a big part of our lives. And, it's got to be said, very easy to indulge our love for them in Turkey. When we first moved to Fethiye ten years ago, we started to get to know of different Turkish bands and, as soon as Duman blasted into our ears one night in Deep Blue, we were … [Read more...]

Turkish Rock Night & A Duman Classic

A few weeks back, we did a post about going to see live rock music in Fethiye. We're suckers for live music of any flavour in Turkey, but we do love us a good rock band, so when we were told that the same band were once again playing at Cafe Pazar, well we just had to go along. Live Music At Cafe … [Read more...]