A Picnic At Karaot Beach – Because We Can Still Hope

Whether it’s for sunbathing, taking a morning or evening walk – or just for standing and admiring the view, most of us love a good beach. And, when it comes to beaches, the Fethiye area certainly has no shortage – sand, shingle and pebble, small sheltered coves, the lagoon at Ölüdeniz or long sweeping, exposed […]

Zentara Beach & Kitchen – Chilling …And Eating!

“I remember when all this was fields.” How many times have I rolled my eyes while my dad has said that to me as a kid, pointing at some random buildings before us? “Who cares,” I would think, as a Kevin-The-Teenager youngster. “There’s something there now. I don’t remember the fields. Not bothered.” And now, […]

Güven’s Bar & Restaurant – Our Take

Creatures of habit, that’s what we are… We’re always wandering around the Fethiye area trying out places we’ve never been to before – and some we go back to every now and then. And then there are those places where it’s just a given that, in between visits to all those other beaches, bars and […]

The All New Kuleli Beach Park – We Just Had To Check It Out…

A tad relieved… That’s how we’re feeling now after having spent a couple of hours yesterday at one of our favourite Fethiye beaches, Kuleli. Because when you’ve known and loved somewhere for so long and then that somewhere changes. And changes a lot. Well, you’re gonna be a bit concerned or worried and sad, aren’t you? We […]

Ölüdeniz Lagoon, Springtime Paradise

After the winter we’ve had – not just in Fethiye but throughout the whole of Turkey – this year, any sign of warm spring sunshine and we’re out there, relishing in that lovely feeling of pleasant heat on your back. April started off full of promise. And then, from nowhere, the last throes of winter […]

Lodos On Çalış Beach – We Like Waves

Just in case you go thinking we’ve got a bit of a weather obsession at the moment, we’ve not. Well, not really, anyway. It’s just that, right now, anyone and everyone who lives in coastal areas around Turkish shores is talking about the weather. In our last blogpost about the weather in Fethiye, we were merely […]

Falling For Kabak And Feeling The Need To Make The Most Of It

Kabak’s been a part of our life for a long time, but it’s definitely fair to say that over the last couple of years, the area’s kind of taken hold of us and we’ve fallen for it in a bigger way. If we’re to look back to try and pinpoint why we’ve got such an […]

To Kabak: What Goes Up Must Come Down – And Back Up Again

So there we were, enjoying a birthday break with friends by way of a peaceful, chilled out overnight stay at the Olive Garden in Kabak. We’d pencilled in a hike down to the beach this time so that we could visit the brand new camp of someone we know – we’re nosey, like that – […]

Watersports, Sunbathing, Eating, Drinking? Head For Surf Cafe In Koca Çalış

There’s a few places we like to take friends to visit along Çalış Beach, and these are also places we like to visit randomly whenever the mood takes us. Fethiye Surf Centre has been a constant of our time around those parts. Before other places popped up, we used to go to that area with […]

Autumn Scenes Along Çalış Beach – Sad Or Serene?

It was a photo we put on our Facebook page that prompted this post. If you read this blog a lot, you’ll know that autumn and spring are our favourite times of year to be in Fethiye. The weather is perfect for getting out and about, making activities like our Fethiye Must Sees & Dos […]