Çalış Kebabs & Dürüm – A Favourite Fethiye Kebab Haunt

"When we eat out, where would you say we go most?" "If we're in Fethiye, Popeye's boat or the kebab place if we're in Çalış." "Yeah, I think that, too...so why have we never written about the kebab place in Çalış?" This was a little conversation between me and Barry a short while back - and … [Read more...]

Yeşil Asma Yaprağı – Simple Lokantas Are The Best

When it comes to fast food, Fethiye is just packed with choices of where to fuel your belly quickly and cheaply for the day ahead. And nooo, we're not talking about the big international famous fast food chains. (Although there are a number of those too these days). We're talking about Turkish fast … [Read more...]

Köfte Ekmek – Simplicity Is Tough To Beat

As you'll know, if you dip into this blog on a relatively regular basis that is, we're quite partial to the odd bit of köfte every now and then. No, correct that; we love köfte! It's got to be homemade köfte of course. None of this processed nonsense. And thankfully, there are a few places around … [Read more...]

Dürüm At Mozaik Bahçe In Fethiye – What Took Us So Long?

We know we've written about Mozaik Bahçe restaurant in Fethiye on numerous occasions - but we've felt the urge to do another post today. This is because, over the years, we've munched our way through quite a hefty proportion of the menu. I just love their chicken şiş, Barry the lamb, but we often … [Read more...]

Anacığım Balık Ekmek – Whatever Istanbul Can Do, Fethiye Can Do, Too

We've all seen the photos - you know the ones; all the ornate boats bobbing about on Istanbul's Golden Horn against the dreamy backdrop of the minarets of Süleymaniye Camii. Inside the boats are griddles, constantly on the go, with rows of mackerel fillets sizzling away, waiting to be placed between … [Read more...]

Anyone For Tost? Iksirci Tezcan In Fethiye Can Sort You Out

When friends and family come to Fethiye on holiday, routine goes through the window and the kitchen becomes a tad neglected as we grab snacks here and there, en route to their hotels and apartments to meet up with them. Fortunately, in Fethiye, this habit doesn't have to break the bank because there … [Read more...]

Turkish Food Focus – Kokoreç At Çiftlik Market

A couple of weeks ago we decided it was time to get out the comfortable footwear and blow away the the winter cobwebs by walking to Çiftlik from Çalış Beach. And, although aimless wandering is good, we also decided to kill two birds with one stone by making our inaugural visit to Çiftlik Thursday … [Read more...]

Turkish Food: Konya Etli Ekmek

Since starting this blog, we've noticed a bit of a theme to our daily life. We're always meaning to go somewhere or do something, and on a lot of occasions, we never actually get round to doing it. This theme has been creeping into a lot of posts too, so recently we decided to kick ourselves up the … [Read more...]

Lunch at Saklıkent Gorge: One Step Ahead Of The Jeeps

"When we get to Saklıkent Gorge, some friends have told us to go to this restaurant over the bridge for lunch because it's only 10 lira and it's really good," enthused our friends as we sat on the dolmuş, waiting to leave Fethiye. "The only thing is, you've got to get there before the jeep safaris … [Read more...]

Fethiye Cheap Eats: Mozaik Bahçe Meze Plate

We seem to remember a while back, we started on a little quest to hunt out Fethiye's cheap eats. Remember that? Places where we can eat out for 10 lira and under. We wrote about the dürüm kebabs at Öz Gaziantep and the Sundial Burger at the Sundial Hotel amongst others. A crazy summer season … [Read more...]