Life In Turkey – Welcome To Our New Look

Ohhh, hello! Welcome to the all-new Turkey's For Life. If you're reading this post in your email or in a reader and you're wondering what on earth we're going on about, we're all shiny and new with a complete revamp. Feel free to click into the blog so you can have a nosey around if you … [Read more...]

The Month In Fethiye – Okay, Two Months

If you read Turkey's For Life a lot, you'll know that since January 2014, we've been doing little monthly roundups of random news from Fethiye. Not so much news as things we've been up to, and little happenings around town that might not otherwise make their own blog post. Anyway, February's roundup … [Read more...]

Fethiye: Sunny Winter Sundays Along The Kordon – Our Favourite Time Of Year

There are sights in life that are special - and the photos we're showing you in this post demonstrate what is special for us. 11 years living here and the kordon (the promenade along Fethiye seafront) just keeps getting busier and busier...and it really is a lovely sight to witness. Even after 11 … [Read more...]

Türk Yıldızları In Fethiye – We’d Love A Part Two

Yes, this is an ode to those that fly those spectacular flying machines that just leave me completely spellbound - and it's an ode to the machines, too, I guess. There's no rhyme or reason to this love of jets; it's just the way it is. A jet flies overhead and the world stops for a few short seconds … [Read more...]

Fethiye Restaurants: Steak Sampling At Mancero Kitchen

When you move to another country, family birthdays and Christmases become events celebrated when you're together again for that short period of time. Yeah, you can post Turkish Christmas gifts or order stuff online to be delivered (we do that, too) but it's still nice to do something altogether, … [Read more...]

Fethiye In June – It’s Been A Bumper Month

Every month on the blog, we do a little round up of random happenings in the Fethiye area - things that never get a blog post all to themselves (even though they ought to) purely for time reasons - and we also look back on a few Fethiye posts we did manage to do. Well, we've got a lot to tell you … [Read more...]

April In Fethiye – In May. Our Monthly Update

Yes, here we are, on May Day, writing our Fethiye update for the previous month of April. Well, at least it means we can cover the whole month because things have been pretty action packed around these parts right up until yesterday. So, let's get started with what we were up to last month. The … [Read more...]

March In Fethiye – Spring Weather And A Birthday

Wow, these monthly Fethiye updates seem to come round quickly. So it's almost the end of March and Spring has definitely sprung. Gardens are being planted up, bars and restaurants that have been closed for the winter are being cleaned and painted and the usual Fethiye sounds of March ring in your … [Read more...]

A New Attraction For Fethiye And The Official Opening

Anyone who knows Fethiye knows it's a fast changing town - and one of the major changes has been the creation of a kordon (promenade) all the way along Fethiye harbour. As is the norm with these things, this has of course taken much longer than anticipated - but there's light at the end of the … [Read more...]

Fethiye In February – What’s The Story?

Last month, we started a new series on the blog where we'll do a little round up of random goings on that are taking place around Fethiye - those things that kind of all crumple together and wouldn't otherwise make it into a blog post, but they still give you a picture of daily life. Of course, … [Read more...]