Busy, Busy, Busy on Fethiye Harbour

Right, we've been along the new Fethiye harbour and taken a few photos because it's all just changing so fast. Got to say, good on the gardening ladies again. Once they get on the job, it's done and dusted. So the other day when we saw them raking, digging, sweeping; the grass seed was laid and it's … [Read more...]

A Quick Life in Fethiye Update

It's that time of year again where the wisteria of Fethiye kicks into action. It's not quite this beautiful yet - this photo is from last year - because it's only just coming out along Fethiye harbour, but this time next week, it should be in full bloom. It's stunning when it's like this but it does … [Read more...]

A Sunny Saturday Along Fethiye Harbour & Musing About Jogging

Yesterday's trip to Meis all seems like a bad dream now. It's like it never really happened - my camera is next to me here on the couch. I've just been chuntering away because I can't get today's photos of Fethiye harbour where I want them on this post, but as I've just been reminded by Barry, at … [Read more...]

A Stroll Along Fethiye Harbour

Today is the first time we've managed to go out for a walk along the harbour since getting back from Istanbul. We walked to the Fethiye Friday market so I went armed with my camera to update any developments along the way. So here are today's offerings. This top photo is of the lowest (when I … [Read more...]

Fethiye News Round-Up

Lots of little bits of information to write about today so it might all seem a bit disjointed, but never mind... Fethiye Harbour First of all, look what we walked across the other day! Woo hoo. The bridge over the canal on Fethiye's new harbour is up and running. It's a pretty bridge too. The … [Read more...]

The (soon to be) Fethiye Harbour Bridge

We've been wanting to do another update on the goings on along the new Fethiye harbour for a while but to be honest, it's at that funny stage that new buildings go through. That stage where the building seems to pop up from nowhere in a matter of days and then it looks the same for ages until it's … [Read more...]

More Fethiye Harbour Happenings

We had a lovely walk into Fethiye this afternoon and I remembered my camera so I could take a photo of the bridge - or, eventual bridge. Not much happening on it today. It looks like they've filled the edges with concrete so we're presuming that will have to dry before any more progress can be made. … [Read more...]

Another Fethiye Harbour Update

As 2009 draws to a close we thought we'd do an end of year Fethiye harbour update. We had to walk into Fethiye today so I went armed with camera and took some photos as we were passing. They're a bit dark sorry - the weather in Fethiye today was a tad on the dark and gloomy side. It really is all … [Read more...]

Fethiye Harbour Update

Okay. The new harbour between Fethiye and Çalış. We'd like to pretend we're all knowledgeable here and tell you what's going on and what all the buildings are going to be but we've really not got a clue and everyone we ask doesn't seem to know either. We're guessing from where the divisions are … [Read more...]