Turkish Food Focus – Kokoreç At Çiftlik Market

A couple of weeks ago we decided it was time to get out the comfortable footwear and blow away the the winter cobwebs by walking to Çiftlik from Çalış Beach. And, although aimless wandering is good, we also decided to kill two birds with one stone by making our inaugural visit to Çiftlik Thursday … [Read more...]

Çiftlik Thursday Market – A Guide

In our last post, we took you on a walk from Çalış to Çiftlik. If you remember, we were going to explore Çiftlik market. Well, for this week's Turkish Food Focus, we're concentrating on said market, real name, Çiftlik Perşembe Pazarı (Çiftlik Thursday Market). We had no idea what to expect when … [Read more...]

Living In Fethiye – A Day In The Life Of…

We have random off-season days like that in Fethiye; a day when the electricity board declares there will be no power for the whole town until such-a-time on that day. Yesterday was one of those days. No electricity between 7:30 am and 3 pm due to upgrades. We don't question. We just get on with it, … [Read more...]

Fethiye Friday Market – A Guide

We write a lot about the local food markets in Turkey but we've never written about our favourite one - until today that is. Our favourite food market is the Fethiye Friday market or the Cuma Köy Pazarı. Fethiye Friday Market Cuma Köy Pazarı means the Friday Village Market and that's why we like … [Read more...]

Çalış Sunday Market – A Guide

Regular visitors to this blog will know we have a love of markets; markets of the foodie variety. We visit our local ones here in Fethiye three times a week; Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays are spoken for in our house. And, if we miss one of those, we've even been known to head to the Saturday … [Read more...]

Winter Seasonal Food In Fethiye

If there's one thing we don't like doing, it's wishing our lives away; looking forward to events while forgetting to enjoy the present. In the UK these days, people don't have any choice but to look forward. No sooner have they come back from their summer holidays than the supermarkets empty their … [Read more...]

Kurban Bayram – Running The Gauntlet At Patlangıç Market

Tomorrow is the first day of one of the most important festivals in the Muslim calendar, known in Turkish as Kurban Bayramı - the festival of the sacrifice. This is the third time Kurban Bayramı has occurred since we started Turkey's for Life, but each time the festival occurs, there is always … [Read more...]

Fethiye Market – A Complete Guide

Tuesday; Fethiye market day and one of our favourite pastimes. How can food shopping ever be a chore when you've got a weekly carnival of seemingly endless rows of stalls packed with the current produce of the season intermingled with the regular staples? The colours, the aromas - citrus in winter, … [Read more...]

Seasonal Food in Turkey: What’s On The Markets?

Spring 2011 in Fethiye has been a wet one and at times, chilly. We were beginning to wonder if summer was ever going to come - and nowhere is this blip in the seasonal weather more obvious than at the local Turkish pazar. Seasonal fruit such as çağla (unripe almonds), yeni dünya (maltese plum) and … [Read more...]

Çintar Mushroom Risotto Recipe

It's that time of year again; the days are shorter and cooler, there's a dampness to the cold night air...and the beautiful çintar mushrooms sprout beneath the pine trees of Fethiye. As you are no doubt aware by now, we enjoy our Turkish seasonal produce and the çintar mushroom season is one we … [Read more...]