Fethiye Harbour Changes 2008 – 2011

There are many reasons why we never get bored of being in Turkey and one of them is, you can't get bored of being in Turkey. Towns and cities are constantly growing and changing at a rapid rate; new apartments, improved public services...new harbour. Obviously, when change on such a grand … [Read more...]

Fethiye Rumours – Kont The Dog

Kont the Dog in Deep Blue Bar, Fethiye A while back, we did a post on our favourite Fethiye animal, Kont the Dog. If he could sit down to write his autobiography, it would make for interesting reading. A former Paspatur resident, Kont the Dog has had a strange old life of ups and downs. Passed from … [Read more...]

Fethiye Rumours – Fethiye to Rhodes Catamaran

Allow us to refer you back to a previous post where we mentioned a new catamaran was going to replace the 'daily' hydrofoil from Fethiye to Rhodes. This was supposed to be happening back in January of this year but nothing came of it. And then...we saw an advert showing the new Fethiye to Rhodes … [Read more...]

Fethiye Rumours – Yes It Is!

Look at this - two posts in one day. Well, it had to be done. On a dull and stuffy Fethiye day, we walked up to the Friday market to get some supplies for our friend's arrival...and also to see what the McDonald's looked like. Well, it looks like the Fethiye rumour that became a definite and then … [Read more...]

The Continuing Fethiye Puzzle

Curiouser and curiouser. You may remember that I wrote about a couple of pontoons being lowered into Fethiye bay a few days ago. We lost track of where the little motorboat was pulling them to so we've got no idea of their destination. Then, a couple of days ago, this vessel (we have to say … [Read more...]

Fethiye Bits n Bobs – A (Good) News Update

All systems go along the new harbour now. This section is very close to where we live and is the first sign of a road we've had in around three years. We also saw on the way up to Fethiye market today that they've started to lay the cobbles and join the old part of the running track to what is going … [Read more...]

More Fethiye Summer Season Clues and a Rumour or Two

A few more signs of the Fethiye summer season arriving: We got up a couple of mornings ago and opened the curtains to the usual scene,  and ten minutes later, a great big cruise ship had appeared. There's much debate about Fethiye harbour not being equipped for the size of cruise ships and whether … [Read more...]

Fethiye Rumours – Were They Just Rumours Then?

Here are two prime examples of why we just take Fethiye - and maybe the rest of Turkey - as it is, right in the moment. Logic tells you something is going to happen soon. You might read a story in the local press, you might see a poster, you might assume something is going to happen because you … [Read more...]

Some Fethiye News – McDonald’s Is Coming

Oh, how exciting. We feel like Fethiye news reporters who got the scoop! This is the first time we've felt the need to do two posts in one day. If you remember a while back, we wrote a post on a Fethiye rumour that this building was going to be a McDonald's. Well, we've just got back from Fethiye … [Read more...]

Wandering Around Fethiye And Picking Up The Latest

We know we live in lovely, lovely Fethiye but we still get that relaxed, happy weekend feeling - even here. Today has been very Saturdayish. A bit of television this morning and then a run a little later. The telly revealed some interesting news actually. We were watching TRT Music and we had … [Read more...]