Ölüdeniz Lagoon, Springtime Paradise

After the winter we’ve had – not just in Fethiye but throughout the whole of Turkey – this year, any sign of warm spring sunshine and we’re out there, relishing in that lovely feeling of pleasant heat on your back. April started off full of promise. And then, from nowhere, the last throes of winter […]

Beautiful Fethiye Weather & A Rare Cruise Ship

The cruise ships that dock in Fethiye harbour can only be a good thing for
Fethiye centre. Cruise holiday makers are usually new visitors to Fethiye

Fethiye Harbour Gülets – Photo Story

In winter, if they’re not in the boatyard being spruced up and repaired, scores of traditional, Turkish wooden boats (known as a gület) line up against the promenade of Fethiye harbour, waiting for the beginning of the summer season. Shorts and flip flops adorning goose-bumped bodies are in evidence in Fethiye now, indicating the dawn […]

Fethiye: The Summer Season is Coming

As I’m writing this, the weather in Fethiye has just become really hazy, cloudy and a bit on the breezy side. However, we are definitely turning a corner and summer is definitely on its way. How do we know? Let’s take a look at the evidence: Those who know the Sundial Hotel in Fethiye will […]

More Fethiye Summer Season Clues and a Rumour or Two

A few more signs of the Fethiye summer season arriving: We got up a couple of mornings ago and opened the curtains to the usual scene,  and ten minutes later, a great big cruise ship had appeared. There’s much debate about Fethiye harbour not being equipped for the size of cruise ships and whether it […]

You Know It’s The Start of The Fethiye Summer Season When…

Yeahy. After a rather cold and damp (understatement – it was very rainy) day yesterday, the Spring Fethiye weather is back with a vengeance. It’s been glorious today, although we were a bit dubious about the predicted hot weather this morning when we got up. We went out onto the balcony and you could see […]

A Busy Weekend in Fethiye

Not too sure what’s going on with the Fethiye weather at the moment, but summer has been put on temporary hold. There’s still a bit of a nip in the breeze and today’s very hazy meaning the sun’s struggling a bit. Rain tomorrow apparently, too, and then summer’s coming back after that. Having said that, […]