February 2016 In Fethiye – Wow, It Was Sunny!

Welcome to another of our little alternative and random news updates for life in February 2016 in Fethiye - and much of the talk has been of the weather. Spring has definitely arrived early to our town this year...and that means everyone and everything is coming out of hibernation; the bars and … [Read more...]

Have We Seen Winter Off In Fethiye? Nature Is Giving Us Clues…

We're always saying how much we love our winters in Fethiye, and we don't want to to give you the picture that we've been sat in the house every day, miserable and lethargic, going stir crazy...but yeah, it's not an exaggeration to say that this region of Turkey has seen a tough few months. Many … [Read more...]

Lodos On Çalış Beach – We Like Waves

Just in case you go thinking we've got a bit of a weather obsession at the moment, we've not. Well, not really, anyway. It's just that, right now, anyone and everyone who lives in coastal areas around Turkish shores is talking about the weather. In our last blogpost about the weather in Fethiye, we … [Read more...]

Fethiye In February – What’s The Story?

Last month, we started a new series on the blog where we'll do a little round up of random goings on that are taking place around Fethiye - those things that kind of all crumple together and wouldn't otherwise make it into a blog post, but they still give you a picture of daily life. Of course, … [Read more...]

Fires of Fethiye – A Celebration Of The Open Flame

Over on our Facebook page, we've recently been sharing lots of photos displaying the fantastic sunny weather we're currently enjoying in Fethiye. As well as pleasant sunshine, the signs of spring are also appearing in the form of almond blossom, wildflowers and spring lambs. There's a new jauntiness … [Read more...]

Fethiye Photo: Nif Winter Scene

A bit of a cheat today as we're stretching the boundaries as to what actually constitutes a Fethiye photo. In our first photo in the series - a photo of the Fethiye harbour sunset - we said we would include the areas surrounding Fethiye. Well, that meant places like Kayaköy and Ölüdeniz that get … [Read more...]

Fethiye Winter Rowers

I actually took this photo a couple of weeks ago but it's completely apt for today as the weather in Fethiye is currently wet, thundery, strobe-light-effect lightening and high winds predicted. At the moment, as in this photo, all is still. There's steady rainfall, the mist is trapped between the … [Read more...]

Fethiye Harbour in Winter – Photo Story

I took this photo a couple of weeks ago just before going to Popeye's boat for a fish in half-bread (balık ekmeği) for lunch. In the winter months the seagulls hover and swoop around this area of Fethiye harbour, waiting for chunks of bread to be thrown by passers-by. They're also quick to squabble … [Read more...]

Fethiye News Round-Up

Lots of little bits of information to write about today so it might all seem a bit disjointed, but never mind... Fethiye Harbour First of all, look what we walked across the other day! Woo hoo. The bridge over the canal on Fethiye's new harbour is up and running. It's a pretty bridge too. The … [Read more...]

Spring Has Arrived in Fethiye

Wow, the weather in Fethiye is just amazing at the moment. We've just been out for a run along the harbour in the sunshine, mp3 player blasting music in my ears (which actually helped me to carry on or else I'd have quit today - not been running for 2 weeks) and now we've just got back to fling open … [Read more...]