Our June In Fethiye – Another Flyer Of A Month

Welcome to another round up of the month in Fethiye - goings on around town and a little bit about what we've been up to, as well. It's been another bumper month and we've had - and still have - lots of friends over to keep us extra busy. Let's get started... Fethiye Recreation Area After … [Read more...]

Sunset Over Fethiye Bay: A Photo

Our previous Fethiye photo was Fethiye Harbour At Night - and that was two weeks ago! Last Friday, we were meeting with friends and waiting for the arrival of Wigan to Fethiye cyclist, Tom Kelly. That led to no post on the Friday but at least we got the added bonus of watching Ölüdenizli Yarenler. … [Read more...]

A Dip At The Yacht Classic Hotel

After a slow start to the Turkish spring, the hotter temperatures have hit us with a bang and we can now safely say it's summer. We've been swimming a few times already this season but today, we needed to swim. We needed to be submerged in a cool swimming pool. If you've been following this blog … [Read more...]

43 Degrees in Fethiye?

The title could well be a slight exaggeration. We've just come back from Fethiye on the dolmuş and the temperature was flashing up as 43 degrees. It certainly felt like that anyway. A few tempers starting to fray as well. The dolmuş was trundling along really slowly because it wasn't full. This … [Read more...]

Fethiye – Hot, Hot, Hot

Phewww, there's only one thing to do when the weather in Fethiye is as hot as this - you immerse yourself in water. This is the pool at the Golden Moon Hotel where we immersed ourselves this afternoon. It was only two weeks ago when I posted that the water was 'fresh.' None of that today. No, … [Read more...]

Aksazlar Koyu – Fethiye Photo & An Update

This photo was taken at Aksazlar Koyu a couple of weeks ago and it just sums up the Fethiye weather over the last three weeks, really. Beautiful, clear, sunny mornings and then a heavy, humid cloud engulfs us after lunch. We even had rain yesterday. All very odd for June but things might be looking … [Read more...]

Fethiye Sunset – Positives of the Strange Weather

Our Fethiye weather is very strange at the moment - we have never known it to be like this in June. The mornings start off really promising. Blue skies, calm sea and the temperatures are great. Then, lunchtime comes and the clouds appear, the breeze picks up and it goes cooler. Now, don't get us … [Read more...]