Fethiye Springtime Blooms: Photo Story

We weren't going to do a post today but I've collected a few photos over the last week so I thought it would be nice to share some Fethiye springtime blooms and add a splash of colour to a dull Fethiye day. This is the blossom of the wild and these two photographs were taken while we were … [Read more...]

Changes to Çalış

It's that time of year again in the Fethiye area. Angle grinders, drills, hammers and saws mix with the springtime birdsong and gentle lapping of the Mediterranean waves. Fethiye centre is a working town and apart from some of the shops in Paspatur which close for the winter, things remain pretty … [Read more...]

Fethiye – New Beginnings

Despite the fact that most of Turkey is engulfed in a temporary cold front at the moment, Spring is definitely in evidence in Fethiye. Recently planted daffodils and crocuses are now giving the walkway along Fethiye harbour a welcome splash of colour, new growth and blossom has suddenly appeared … [Read more...]

Some Fethiye News – McDonald’s Is Coming

Oh, how exciting. We feel like Fethiye news reporters who got the scoop! This is the first time we've felt the need to do two posts in one day. If you remember a while back, we wrote a post on a Fethiye rumour that this building was going to be a McDonald's. Well, we've just got back from Fethiye … [Read more...]