Two Months In Fethiye: End-Of-Summer Proceedings

Oh, hello November! Guess we'd better look back at the month of October, then, hadn't we? And those of you with good memories will also be quite rightly thinking, "Errm, and didn't you miss out September, too, with your Fethiye news?" You are thinking right! September and October in Fethiye are … [Read more...]

Our Fethiye News From September & October – Playing Catch Up

Well, think it's about time we had another of our Fethiye updates. It feels like a long time since we did one of these round-ups - we've had so many friends over to visit this summer and our final visitor left a few days ago. We do love our summers and catching up with events from their lives back … [Read more...]

Autumn Scenes Along Çalış Beach – Sad Or Serene?

It was a photo we put on our Facebook page that prompted this post. If you read this blog a lot, you'll know that autumn and spring are our favourite times of year to be in Fethiye. The weather is perfect for getting out and about, making activities like our Fethiye Must Sees & Dos much more … [Read more...]

Fethiye: Well Helloooo Autumn, What Took You So Long? Hoş Geldin!

Favourite time of year in Fethiye; autumn. Usually, at some point through September we'll have some sort of downpour that clears the air and, even though it's still hot weather, there's a refreshing breeze and the air is clear. The downpour never came. Every day, the weather forecast displayed highs … [Read more...]

Sundial Sunset Over Fethiye – Farewell To Our 2011 Summer Season

In a few hours' time, we'll be on a bus heading up to Istanbul for a well-earned break. Not that there'll be a lot of resting going on - too much Istanbul sightseeing to be done - but the change of scenery and just being in our favourite city is enough to replenish energy that's gradually sapped … [Read more...]

End of Summer in Fethiye – It’s Official

Just as the last of the summer holiday visitors are starting to leave the Fethiye region, Fethiye is kicking into winter action. So, what are some of the tell tale signs that the colder months are creeping in? The Harbour - Last winter, I was posting photos of the skeletons of buildings along … [Read more...]

Fethiye Weather – A Day of Two Halves

It's been a strange old day in Fethiye today. The Autumn weather is doing what it does best - warm, clear, sunny days, cooler, breezy days...and days like today. We woke up in semi-darkness this morning to the sound of steady rain falling on the roof. It's actually a comforting, cozy feeling, curled … [Read more...]