Around Saklıkent Gorge – What To Do Once You’ve Hiked The Gorge

It's over a week since we went for a day trip from Fethiye to Saklıkent Gorge and something in particular has struck both of us. The phrase 'Saklıkent Gorge' conjures up images of ambling along the raised walkways and then performing a balancing act through the rapids in the hope of reaching the … [Read more...]

Lunch at Saklıkent Gorge: One Step Ahead Of The Jeeps

"When we get to Saklıkent Gorge, some friends have told us to go to this restaurant over the bridge for lunch because it's only 10 lira and it's really good," enthused our friends as we sat on the dolmuş, waiting to leave Fethiye. "The only thing is, you've got to get there before the jeep safaris … [Read more...]

Fethiye Day Trip: Saklıkent – View Down Karaçay

Astounding that in a few short weeks, this blog will be two years old and we are yet to do a post on one of the Fethiye region's most famous day trips - Saklıkent Gorge. Well, all that is about to change as yesterday, we jumped on a dolmuş in Fethiye and set off for a day out with friends. We … [Read more...]

Caretta Caretta in Turkey: Meet Deniz!

A couple of years ago, you may remember we went to Iztuzu Beach near Dalyan to watch the release of Özlem the loggerhead turtle back into the wild. A few weeks ago, while killing some time before dropping friends off at Dalaman Airport, we returned to Iztuzu Beach because these friends wanted to see … [Read more...]

Sarsala Koyu: Another Dalaman Secret

There are always new places to discover in this area of Turkey! A few days ago, we asked a question on our Turkey's For Life Facebook page: Which is your favourite beach in Turkey? Many people who use the page either holiday in Southwest Turkey or they live here so most of the answers centred around … [Read more...]

Dalaman River Boat Trip: Photo Story

Have you ever been somewhere where you have felt like the only people on the planet? Somewhere where you've almost felt like an intruder, disturbing all that is natural life? Somewhere that feels like paradise? I'm not exaggerating when I say we were in that somewhere yesterday. We picked some … [Read more...]

The Very Secret Akkaya Garden Restaurant in Dalaman

A few days ago, we were chatting to a family at Cafe Pazar and we asked them where they were staying while on holiday. 'Oh, we have a villa in a secret valley.' Well, that was what we thought they said - and it made me curious... 'Can you tell us where your secret valley is, or is it a … [Read more...]

Sarıgerme – Winter in Turkey

This winter, we've had a sprinkling of friends out to visit Fethiye. That's meant we've had more access to a car than we normally would, resulting in a mini-series of posts on Turkey's For Life about enjoying winter in the Fethiye region. We've basked in the winter sun in Ölüdeniz and savoured a … [Read more...]

The Greek Island of Meis / Kastellorizo – Things To Do

Arriving by ferry to the Dodecanese Greek island of Kastellorizo - or Meis, as it's known in Turkey - just fills you with that complete happy satisfaction that not all in the world is racing along and over-developed. For the traveller craving tranquility, idylls are still very much in existence and … [Read more...]

A Short Drive From Fethiye – Ören

As my dad is here at the moment, we followed tradition and hired a car for the day. He's been to Fethiye a few times now and has seen all the usual places people like to visit so this time we decided just to go for a drive. A good few years ago me and Barry went to Ören to a trout restaurant and … [Read more...]