It’s Meis Time Again

I can't believe how quickly the time goes, living here in Fethiye. A couple of days ago, we had to leave Turkey for the day again to renew our visas. As usual, we got on the phone to Turcan and booked to go to the Greek island of Meis. Yachts are continually coming and going in the harbour I … [Read more...]

Day Trip From Fethiye – Rhodes

"Rhodes, Every Day From Fethiye..." If you know the Fethiye region either from living here or coming for your holidays, you will have seen advertising hoardings on the roadsides, displaying that phrase and a picture of the Flying Poseidon shooting across the sea. It always makes us chuckle when we … [Read more...]

Visa Trip – Fethiye to Kaş to Meis and a Great Big THANK YOU!!!

Well, that's us back in Fethiye for at least the next three months then but we don't mind saying we've had a stressful day. All we can really say is, at least the sea was calm. Today's photo is of the Greek island of Meis (pretty isn't it?) but it's a photo from 2008, not today. Let us tell … [Read more...]