A Winter Day Trip From Fethiye – Photographing Gemiler Bay

Okay, cards on the table... Gemiler Bay in winter is wondrous bliss for us - no exaggeration there. Summer at Gemiler Bay is just no competition. We all like different things in life and, these days, watching a couple of guys bobbing about on the water in boats, doing who knows what; watching a … [Read more...]

Fethiye Photo: Gemiler Bay

It's July and we've hit that time again - that time where we hire a car to dash off to Dalaman Airport and pick up friends, drop the car off, go to meet those very friends, spend the day with them...and the Fethiye photo for Friday once more becomes a Saturday photo. If you're a supporter of real … [Read more...]

Fethiye Weather – December Photos

It's a question everyone asks: What's the weather like in Fethiye in _____? (Insert month). We all know July and August are scorchers on the Southwest coast of Turkey and rain or cloud is very rare. Spring and autumn are pleasant - our favourite time of year in fact - and winter can be anything from … [Read more...]

Gemiler Bay: A Contrast Of Seasons

We mention quite a lot on this blog that we rather enjoy our winters in Turkey. In Fethiye, life slows right down to a pace much more agreeable to our systems. The bays and coves around the area become deserted. Perfect picnic spots for tired legs after a long trek. Last winter, we did a few … [Read more...]

Fethiye in Winter – Gemiler Bay

Whenever we have friends out to visit, we usually try to go out and about so that they can visit places they haven't yet seen. Winter is no exception. We had a few hours in Göcek on the way to Dalaman Airport but one of the places they really wanted to see was Gemiler Bay. It was perfect winter … [Read more...]