Hamsili Pilav – A Black Sea Recipe Of Oven Baked Pilaf Encased In Fresh Anchovies

Hamsi season! Those of you who read this blog a lot will be fully aware that this is one of our favourite times of year. All those little anchovies swimming amongst the icy currents of the Black Sea and along the Bosphorus. Hamsi is nigh on worshipped in the Black Sea regions of Turkey and the … [Read more...]

Deep Fried Anchovy Sandwich Recipe – Recreating Istanbul Hamsi Street Food At Home

Yes, that time of year is once more upon us where millions of little fish swim along the Black Sea coast and we all get the delight of hamsi (anchovy) season. Oh, how we love hamsi season - we particularly relish eating an anchovy sandwich in Istanbul, and, fortunately, the early days of hamsi … [Read more...]

Istanbul Street Food – Black & White Series

Well isn't this a coincidence? Today's post is a series of black and white photos from Istanbul. It's not the first time we've done this. And there's the coincidence. On going back to our first Istanbul in Black and White post, it's become apparent that we published it exactly this time last year, … [Read more...]

Turkish Recipes: Hamsi Season Celebration

We're in the dying embers of hamsi season in Turkey; that time of the year when millions of shimmering, silver anchovies swim along the Black Sea coast and (most of them) straight into the nets of waiting Turkish fishermen. The last three times we've been up to Istanbul have been during the … [Read more...]

Seasonal Food in Turkey – Hamsi Season Again

Last winter, I wrote about hamsi (anchovies) being for sale on Fethiye fish market. We love hamsi season and it's once more upon us - which means we've come full circle on the seasonal food front, meaning Turkey's For Life is nearly 1 year old. Wow! How did that happen so soon? Anyway, hamsi is … [Read more...]

Seasonal Food in Turkey – Hamsi

Around mid-November these lovely tasting little fish start to swim towards warmer waters from the Black Sea. The Black Sea fishermen drop their nets and we get rewarded on Fethiye fish market with an abundance of yummy hamsi (anchovies). I've seen photos on the internet of the Black Sea fishermen … [Read more...]