2012 In Review – The Travelling Turkey Bit

2012 has been a bit different to previous years for us in that we've spent our first twelve months with Turkish residency. This has meant we haven't done any of our regular day trips to Meis so we had a bit of spare travel cash to play with to go somewhere a bit different. Let's have a look at some … [Read more...]

Fethiye: The Best Food In The Most Unlikely Places

Mooching about around Fethiye boatyard is a regular pastime for us. We often stroll along the Karagözler, going nowhere in particular, and find ourselves photographing the gülets, daytrip boats and luxury yachts that have come in for repair and general maintenance. It's such an interesting … [Read more...]

Bodrum Peninsula: Onwards To Turgutreis – A Photo Story

In our previous post, we were losing ourselves in the forest of traditional Turkish gülets that were crowded into the boatyard in İçmeler. Once the meeting was over between our friends and their potential future employer, it was onwards to the small town of Türgutreis on the opposite side of the … [Read more...]

Bodrum Peninsula: The Alice In Wonderland World Of İçmeler Boatyard

Mention İçmeler to those who know Turkey and the first place that will come to the mind of many is the small, popular resort town, lying on the Southwest Turkish coast, just south of Marmaris. However, when we took a day trip from Fethiye with friends back in March 2010, we were soon to find out … [Read more...]