Istanbul Marathon – The 10 KM Run In Photos. Can We Tempt You?

Maybe it was the fact the sun was shining, we're not sure, but both of us said this year's Istanbul Marathon was the most enjoyable yet. Sunday was the third time we've taken part, and there was a completely different atmosphere to usual; a bit of a culture change. More people taking part just for … [Read more...]

Greetings From Rainy Istanbul

What's the purpose of coming up with an itinerary for a jaunt to Istanbul, if not to completely ignore it? That's not too far away from what's happened with us and it just shows that we're better at being spontaneous rather than organised. Continuous rain has put pay to a few of the activities on … [Read more...]

Istanbul Eurasia Marathon 2010 – 15k & 8k Completed!

Humour us just for today and then we shall go on about it no more, but did we tell you we completed our runs in the Istanbul Eurasia Marathon? Well, yes we did. The first time we've ever taken part in anything like that. Barry got through his 15k run and I did the 8k - the 'fun' race. It was … [Read more...]