Istanbul For A Few Days – That’s Where We’ve Been

Yeah, just as we get going on a bit of a roll with blog posts, we're off again adding to our little Turkish life adventure tally...and therefore adding to our ever-increasing stories we want to tell on the blog by way of words, photos, social media and videos - however it happens on the day. No … [Read more...]

Istanbul: Eurasia Marathon Expo 2011

The first time we took part in a running event was last year in the 2010 Eurasia Marathon in Istanbul. Barry did the 15km and I did the 8km run. We had to go to the expo the day before to pick up our numbers, timing chips, eat some free pasta and then I thought that would be it. But we were … [Read more...]

Istanbul Eurasia Marathon 2011 – 5 Days To Go

On Sunday 15th October, we'll be in Istanbul, taking part in the 2011 Istanbul Eurasia Marathon. Barry is registered for the full 26.2 mile stretch whereas I'll be doing the 15k (9 miles). For both of us, it will be the furthest we have ever run and the idea was to do a bit of a charity fundraiser … [Read more...]

Antalya: Runtalya 2011 – A Wet Runtalya!

Last October, we took part in the 8km and 15km runs as part of the Eurasia Marathon in Istanbul and while we were at the expo the day before, we picked up a few leaflets for other runs that take place in Turkey throughout the year. One that particularly took our fancy was Runtalya; a 4km fun run, … [Read more...]

Istanbul Eurasia Marathon 2010 – 15k & 8k Completed!

Humour us just for today and then we shall go on about it no more, but did we tell you we completed our runs in the Istanbul Eurasia Marathon? Well, yes we did. The first time we've ever taken part in anything like that. Barry got through his 15k run and I did the 8k - the 'fun' race. It was … [Read more...]

We’ve Signed Up For Istanbul Eurasia Marathon 2010

As you'll know if you're a regular reader of Turkey's For Life, we decided to take up jogging last winter as a way of getting semi-fit. Well, we've decided to put all that hard work to good use and have a short break at the same time so we've signed up for the Istanbul Eurasia Marathon which takes … [Read more...]

Contrasting Summer Fethiye Weather – Where’s The Sun Gone?

You may well have seen this photo of Fethiye in the past because we can't remember whether we've used it before. Not to worry though because we're using it to serve a purpose today. You see, this is the Fethiye view we are familiar with in summer (this photo is from July 2008). And below is … [Read more...]

Fethiye Facilities – Keeping Fit For Free

It's all getting a bit keep-fit crazy in Turkey at the moment. People who we speak to in Istanbul and Izmir through Twitter are all talking about their jogging routines and other methods of keeping fit. We recently picked up our jogging again after a brief 'holiday' from it all and are sticking to … [Read more...]

Back To The Grindstone In Fethiye

We woke up this morning to the sight of this rather attractive private cruiser anchored in Fethiye Bay. It's still there as I write actually, so whoever is on there must be having a fun time. They always look more beautiful in the mornings though because the lighting is different and the surf hasn't … [Read more...]

A Sunny Saturday Along Fethiye Harbour & Musing About Jogging

Yesterday's trip to Meis all seems like a bad dream now. It's like it never really happened - my camera is next to me here on the couch. I've just been chuntering away because I can't get today's photos of Fethiye harbour where I want them on this post, but as I've just been reminded by Barry, at … [Read more...]