Weekending At Full Moon Camp, Kabak – Life’s Good

Life's little traditions. For my birthday, we always go to Antalya. It's round about the same time as Runatolia so that tradition has happened by default. For Barry's birthday, it's an escape to Kabak. Only a dolmuş ride away but an amazing journey along the mountain road and a true feeling of … [Read more...]

A Bumper July In Fethiye

Another month has passed us by so time for our usual little roundup of what's been going on in Fethiye. Some random observations and a little bit of what we've been getting up to throughout this very hot July. Fethiye Harbour As usual, we'll kick things off with the final section of Fethiye … [Read more...]

Tree Houses, Kabak – Views, Food & Relaxation

If you follow this blog a lot, you'll know we're big fans of Kabak Koyu. A place to go and chill out away from the rest of the world. One night away, preferably without internet, and you're ready to rock and roll again with all that life has to throw at you. It's that kind of place. We had friends … [Read more...]

Staying At Sultan Camp, Kabak

(Update for 2017: If you want a bit more luxury, Sultan Camp now also has deluxe bungalows with en suite bathrooms. There are also tents for hire if you want to be 'under canvas.') We love staying at Olive Garden, Chakra Beach and Tree Houses in Kabak - but, this time, we thought we'd go to one … [Read more...]

Falling For Kabak And Feeling The Need To Make The Most Of It

Kabak's been a part of our life for a long time, but it's definitely fair to say that since around 2012, the area's kind of taken hold of us and we've fallen for it in a bigger way. If we're to look back to try and pinpoint why we've got such an affection for here, it's probably got to be when we … [Read more...]

To Kabak: What Goes Up Must Come Down – And Back Up Again

So there we were, enjoying a birthday break with friends by way of a peaceful, chilled out overnight stay at the Olive Garden in Kabak. We'd pencilled in a hike down to the beach this time so that we could visit the brand new camp of someone we know - we're nosey, like that. And, even though we'd … [Read more...]

Chakra Beach In Kabak – Oops, Think We May Have Just Fallen For You

It happens a lot on Facebook: "______ invited you to like their page." Oh, go on then. Some you like out of politeness because it's your friend, even though you're not remotely interested in the subject matter. And then there are pages that really get your interest. Pages you actually want to like … [Read more...]

2012 In Review – The Travelling Turkey Bit

2012 has been a bit different to previous years for us in that we've spent our first twelve months with Turkish residency. This has meant we haven't done any of our regular day trips to Meis so we had a bit of spare travel cash to play with to go somewhere a bit different. Let's have a look at some … [Read more...]

The Olive Garden Kabak – A Taste Of ‘Getting Away From It All’

In a past article, we took you on a journey from the maze of hotels in Ölüdeniz, and up along the remote, mountain road that leads to Faralya (Uzunyurt) and eventually to the neighbourhood of Kabak. We stopped a few times en route to take in the amazing scenery and to try to capture it on camera … [Read more...]

Ölüdeniz To Kabak In Photos

Whenever we have friends over to visit, we always like to try to take them somewhere in the area that they've never seen before - somewhere that sends them home with vivid memories of their time in Turkey. The friends who are here at the moment have been to Fethiye many times before, and so, for … [Read more...]