Turkish Food Focus: It’s Always Barbecue Season In Kayaköy

This week on the blog, in the run up to the Cultural Connections celebrations between 27th April and 3rd May (post coming up), we're going to do a bit of a focus on that beautiful valley just south of Fethiye; Kayaköy. We've written about Kayaköy on numerous occasions but we hadn't been around the … [Read more...]

A Springtime Walk To Kayaköy – Scenes From A Stroll

So far this spring, the weather has been kind to us - and a couple of weeks ago, we decided to walk to Kayaköy from Fethiye with a couple of friends. We've done this walk many times, so this post is really just a few photos of springtime scenes from the walk...we just love this road and forest … [Read more...]

Bülent’in Yeri – A Kayaköy Comfort Blanket

In a town that is constantly growing, changing, evolving; where new eateries regularly appear on the scene, tempting foodies with designer interiors and increasingly innovative menus, we also fully appreciate - and perhaps rely upon - the comforting presence of places like Bülent'in … [Read more...]

Fethiye Photo: Kayaköy November Harvest

Wow, it really doesn't seem so long since January when we posted our first Fethiye Friday photo and announced we would do this every Friday. At the time, the whole of 2012 was ahead of us and, as far as the blog was concerned, it felt like quite a commitment we were taking on...and here we are, … [Read more...]

Fethiye Photo: Gemiler Bay

It's July and we've hit that time again - that time where we hire a car to dash off to Dalaman Airport and pick up friends, drop the car off, go to meet those very friends, spend the day with them...and the Fethiye photo for Friday once more becomes a Saturday photo. If you're a supporter of real … [Read more...]

Kayaköy Cin Bal – The Winter Experience

As regular visitors to this blog are no doubt aware, Cin Bal Restaurant in Kayaköy is one of our favourite places to eat. It's not simply going out for a meal. Cin Bal, with its kendin pişir, kendin ye (cook it yourself, eat it yourself) approach to dining is an eating experience. Previous posts on … [Read more...]

Turkish Food – Kuzu Tandır (Lamb Tandir)

We've been wanting to do a post on the sheer delight that is lamb tandır for a long time but I always forget to take a photo of it whenever we're at Cin Bal in Kayaköy. As soon as the tandır arrives at the table, we all dive straight in there; testament to how good this dish is I guess. When we … [Read more...]

Wildflowers in Kayaköy

The longer we live in Fethiye, the more interested we become in all that's around us. Over the years, whenever we go trekking, I've started to take an interest in the flora and fauna of the area but that comes with a slight problem in that I don't own any books (I really must buy one) on the … [Read more...]

Seasonal Food In Turkey – Kayaköy Pomegranate Trees

We saw something beautiful the other day. However long we live in Turkey, we're becoming more and more certain there is always going to be something to surprise us; a process of nature we have never seen (or noticed?), right on our doorstep. Those of you who read this blog often may know we've … [Read more...]

Fethiye Theatre – Louis de Bernieres & Birds Without Wings

Yesterday, we posted about the live performances at the Telmessos theatre in Fethiye. We'd heard Louis de Bernieres might be making an appearance so we went along out of curiosity - and in the hope of catching a glimpse of my favourite author. At the end of the performances, Louis de Bernieres, … [Read more...]