Kayaköy in Springtime: A Few Photos

When is the best time to visit the village of Kayaköy? Well if you're hiking from Kayaköy to Ölüdeniz or walking to Af Kule, then for us, the absolute best time to be in the area is on a crispy, sunny, winter's day. All the better for photographs of the stop-you-in-your-tracks views. But how … [Read more...]

Louis de Bernières Coming To Kayaköy, Fethiye!

Who said nobody famous ever comes to Fethiye? Well, us actually, until we started to count some of the Turkish performers we've seen here over the years. But this is the big one; la crème de la crème...if you enjoy reading, that is. We met up with Jane Akatay (the journalist who wrote the blogging … [Read more...]

Trekking Around Kayaköy: Af Kule Monastery

All last week, the weather in Fethiye was fantastic - perfect for trekking. So, on Thursday, we finally managed to meet up with one of our readers (one of those meetings that have been attempted a few times but never quite come off) and we caught the dolmuş to Kayaköy so we could do the short walk … [Read more...]

Fethiye in Winter – Gemiler Bay

Whenever we have friends out to visit, we usually try to go out and about so that they can visit places they haven't yet seen. Winter is no exception. We had a few hours in Göcek on the way to Dalaman Airport but one of the places they really wanted to see was Gemiler Bay. It was perfect winter … [Read more...]

A Stroll Around Kayaköy – Lazy Sundays

On Sunday, we went with friends to Kayaköy for a traditional village breakfast at Yalçın Restaurant. The weather was perfect and, as there were so many of us (around 10 people), the breakfast table was looking particularly spectacular. If we go again soon, I must get a photo. We were too busy taking … [Read more...]

Fethiye Ottoman Water Cisterns – A Photo

We found out an interesting piece of history about the Muğla region (Muğla is the area of Turkey stretching from the Bodrum peninsula in the far Southwest to just east of Fethiye) today. We can't speak for other towns and villages of Muğla but if you know Fethiye, you'll have probably seen these … [Read more...]

Seasonal Food in Turkey – Did You Know There Are Two Types of Pomegranate?

I know I've already mentioned pomegranates (nar) in an earlier post but we've learnt something today that I thought I might as well share. Anything to make us appear knowledgeable. We've spent the morning and early afternoon in Kayaköy having a chilled Sunday with friends and thoroughly enjoying … [Read more...]

A Walk From Kayaköy to Ölüdeniz – Amazing Scenery

What better in the cooler Fethiye temperatures than getting out there and going for good wander? We don't walk in the hills much in summer - it's just too hot - so when we do get out there, it always feels great. One of our favourite walks in the Fethiye area is the walk from Kayaköy to Ölüdeniz. … [Read more...]

Yet Another Turkey Thank You! Two Of Them!

How forgetful am I? Trust me, I annoy myself with it. Allow me to refer you back to a previous post in March about when we went to Meis. You may remember I left my camera on the bench outside our local Tansaş supermarket - and someone handed it in and I got it back later that day. Lucky me! Well, … [Read more...]

Eating & Drinking – Kendin Pişir Kendin Ye – Cin Bal

We've already done a post on 'Kendin Pişir, Kendin Ye' (Cook it yourself, eat it yourself) and for us, Kayaköy is the home of Kendin Pişir, Kendin Ye and Cin Bal (pronounced Jin Bal) is the pioneer of this type of al fresco dining. It was an idea of genius as far as we're concerned and Cin Bal, for … [Read more...]