Just A-Chillin Out In Kayaköy – Poseidon Restaurant

Lovely Kayaköy. If you read this blog a lot, you'll know we've got friends out at the moment so we've been playing out far more than we usually do. Last night was the Kayaköy visit - eating at Cin Bal restaurant - but we'll write about that bit another day. We knew Kayaköy was on the evening … [Read more...]

A Day Trip To Kayaköy – Kendin Pişir, Kendin Ye!

We live in a beautiful area of Turkey and are very lucky that when we want to go out for the day, we don't have to travel far from Fethiye to reach any number of amazing places. Kayaköy (labelled as the 'ghost village' in tourist brochures) is one such place. We trek to Kayaköy quite often in the … [Read more...]

How To Walk From Fethiye To Kayaköy

What better on a pleasant sunny day than to get that comfy footwear out and head off on one of the many walks around Fethiye. One of our favourite leg stretches - it's not too far and not too strenuous - is a walk from Fethiye to Kayaköy (aka the ghost village). It's a mixture of tarmac road and … [Read more...]