Meşhur Filibe Köftecisi, Istanbul – Turkey’s Number 1 Köfte?

Look up the English translation of the Turkish word, 'meşhur' and you'll see it means 'renowned, famous or well known.' Well, then, guess it was finally time we sampled the köfte at this 'renowned,' establishment, Filibe Köftecisi in the Sirkeci area of Istanbul. Meşhur Filibe Köftecisi, … [Read more...]

Çiğ Köfte – With Meat Or Without Meat?

We're sure he won't mind us telling you this - well, we're telling you anyway, aren't we - but our lovely friend Anıl, Mr Tech Expert, foXnoMad, has a bit of a penchant for (or addiction to) çiğ köfte. He loves the stuff. In March-April of this year, he came to stay with us in Fethiye for a few … [Read more...]

How To Make Fethiye Köfte Burgers

Okay, before we go any further, let us just stress right now that, to the best of our knowledge, there is no such thing as a Fethiye köfte burger. It's a completely made up name by us, but it also seems apt. Apt because the buns are made - and bought by us - locally, hence the 'Fethiye' name. Apt … [Read more...]

Köfteci İmadettin – You Learn Something New In Fethiye Every Day

So there we were, sat in Cafe Park Teras, and we were just chatting to owner, Tayfun, about different places we like to eat around Fethiye. "Köfteci İmadettin," says Tayfun. "Where?" "Köfteci İmade... Don't tell me you've never heard of Köfteci İmadettin." "Nope. A new one on … [Read more...]

Köfte Ekmek – Simplicity Is Tough To Beat

As you'll know, if you dip into this blog on a relatively regular basis that is, we're quite partial to the odd bit of köfte every now and then. No, correct that; we love köfte! It's got to be homemade köfte of course. None of this processed nonsense. And thankfully, there are a few places around … [Read more...]

Turkish Recipes: Domates Soslu Misket Köfte

Ahh, our love of köfte once more makes itself known on this blog. I wonder how many times we've written about it for Tekirdağ Köftesi and just good old barbecued köfte; stories of köfte appreciation in Eskişehir and easily the most distinctive version we've tried to date, Doğubeyazıt … [Read more...]

Turkish Food Focus: An Eskişehir Brunch Of Köfte & Piyaz

Us: Günaydın. Köfte var mı? (Good morning. Have you got köfte?) The waiter turns away from us and shouts towards an unseen kitchen. Waiter: Serkan, köfte hazır mı? (Serkan, is the köfte ready?) Serkan: Hazır, hazır. (It's ready.) The waiter turns to us and informs us that the köfte is … [Read more...]

Dining In Fethiye: Leisurely Lunching At Cafe Cafe

It's the weekend so it's time to switch the focus over to Turkish food once more. Last week was my birthday, so we decided to go out for a long lunch at Cafe Cafe in the centre of Fethiye. We've written about Cafe Cafe a couple of times in the past. It featured in our cosy Fires of Fethiye post … [Read more...]

Tekirdağ Köftesi Recipe – A Famous Regional Dish

It was 2005 and we were in transit from Alexandroupoli in Greece, heading back to Istanbul by bus. Traffic was bad and it had been a long journey, so, after crossing the border into Turkey, the bus driver pulled to the side of the road and gave us an hour's break to stretch our legs. View … [Read more...]

Tarihi Sultanahmet Köfteci, Istanbul

Most tourists visiting Istanbul for the first time are likely to be staying in Sultanahmet - the area boasting Sultanahmet Camii (the Blue Mosque), Aya Sofya, Topkapı Palace and the Basilica Cistern (aka Yerebatan Sarnıcı). And, of course, wherever there is a glut of tourists, it naturally follows … [Read more...]