Nature, Fun & Food At Yuvarlakçay Yeşil Vadi Restaurant

There are so many beautiful places you can head to as a day out from Fethiye, without even having to drive that far. We've just had friends here for their summer holiday. They suggested getting a car for the day and going for a little wander. Where to go... We knew they'd been in the Kaş and … [Read more...]

A Day At Lake Köyceğiz – Time To Chill

In a previous article, we wrote about another day trip from Fethiye; Sarıgerme Beach. Well, if you're anything like us and you start to feel a bit restless once you've finished admiring the beach scenery, you need somewhere to move on to. Sarıgerme is part of Ortaca and just a tad further along the … [Read more...]

Seasonal Food in Turkey – Citrus Fruit

Many people come out to Fethiye at this time of year with the idea of enjoying a change of scenery while seeing in the New Year. As tends to be the norm during these festive periods, flights from all over the world are swapped, changed and cancelled and destination airports are altered. During the … [Read more...]