The All New Kuleli Beach Park – We Just Had To Check It Out…

A tad relieved... That's how we're feeling now after having spent a couple of hours yesterday at one of our favourite Fethiye beaches, Kuleli. Because when you've known and loved somewhere for so long and then that somewhere changes. And changes a lot. Well, you're gonna be a bit concerned or … [Read more...]

Fethiye Beaches – Rustic Kuleli Koyu

In a previous post, we set off along the Karagözler and made the walk to Kuleli Koyu. That post shows photos of the amazing Fethiye bay scenery that's viewed along the route, but what about when we arrive at Kuleli Koyu? Is the bay worth all that effort? Well, we think so, just because we love to … [Read more...]

Fethiye Beaches: Walking To Kuleli Koyu From Fethiye

And so, the weather in Fethiye has reached those temperatures bearable enough to consider a walk. For weeks, we've been talking about walking around the Fethiye peninsula to another of Fethiye's bays, Kuleli Koyu - but it's been a long, impatient wait as summer clings onto Southwest Turkey in … [Read more...]