The Tale Of Kayaköy Roots Music Festival 2016

It was definitely ambitious; a 2-day music festival in Kayaköy with performances from six well known Turkish bands and musicians. Some of them internationally famous. A festival where you could buy tickets for just one day or for both days - and there was camping, too. On 13th and 14th September, … [Read more...]

Baba Zula Play Roots In Kayaköy

Hmm, I think we can well and truly say, Fethiye is definitely on the music map of Turkey, these days. Past blog posts in years gone by have seen us sulking a tad because none of our favourite Turkish bands - even non-favourite Turkish bands for that matter - ever had Fethiye as part of their tour … [Read more...]

Elif Çağlar In Ölüdeniz – A Great Night At Buzz Beach Bar

Jaaaazzz; never been my thing, especially when everyone with a musical instrument in their hands starts to go off on one in their own little musical trance-like-state and the result is just a cacophony of noise. I just don't get it, and all that ever springs to mind is John Thomson in his hilarious … [Read more...]

In Appreciation Of Fethiye Yörük Çadırları

Two years ago, we wrote about The Tents at Çalış Beach. Well, that's just what we call them, but their full, correct name is actually Fethiye Yörük Çadırları (Fethiye Nomad Tents). The nomad tents have sat at the end of Çalış Beach for years and, for that, we're very grateful - hence another post … [Read more...]

Eating & Drinking – The Tents, Çalış Beach

Like us, most of our friends are music lovers and so when they come out to Fethiye to visit us, a night out revolves around the places playing the best music. Of course, Deep Blue Bar is where most evenings are spent (the reason we started going there ten years ago was because we preferred the music … [Read more...]