Turkish Food – Famously Eating Our Way Through Patnos, Ağrı

Most of our overnight stays in eastern Turkey were spent in our friend's apartment in Patnos where she teaches. Amazingly, we don't have a single photo of Patnos itself - it's a small town, no landmarks to speak of, and as soon as we set foot off the bus from Erzurum, you could almost feel the … [Read more...]

Doğubeyazıt Köftesi – A Meatball Like No Other

While we were in East Turkey, our hope was to try as many different local foods as possible. In Eskişehir, we were recommended to try their famous Tatar çiğ börek and it didn't take many detective skills to hunt it down. This börek is everywhere! Out of duty to this blog, and out of curiosity, Barry … [Read more...]