Dalyan Restaurants – Meze Makes A Meal Special

So, we got from Fethiye to Dalyan by bus. We've told you what we thought about Hotel Konak Melsa; the place where we stayed. But our whole reason for being in Dalyan was just so we could experience Dalyan at night. We were curious. And we wanted it to be good. We wanted a meal by the river, … [Read more...]

Sailing And Eating (Lots) Around Fethiye’s Blue Bays

When friends are in Turkey to visit, one of the staple Fethiye days out is the boat trip. Whether it's the Sunday boat trip to Göcek, a tour around the 12 Islands or a private Blue Bays boat trip, they're all a perfect (and economical) way to spend a few hours on the Mediterranean. Many regulars … [Read more...]

Turkish Şakşuka – Not What you Might Expect

Taking our friends to sample some amazing kuşbaşılı pide and enjoying some meze plates on the side. We're going foodie again, and we're going to enjoy a serving of freshly made Turkish  şakşuka meze. Doesn't it just look so tempting? Yet another example of the Turkish love of the aubergine, … [Read more...]

Five Fab Summer Turkish Meze Dishes For Barbecue Season

"Ahhh, summer. My favourite day of the year..." This is stolen from our friend's status update on Facebook and it made us titter. He lives in the UK! However, the semi-arrival of summer in the UK (we know it's intermittent, at best), and a few people subsequently asking us about our favourite … [Read more...]

A Seafood Feast At Girida Balık Restaurant

We live in Fethiye. We know Fethiye. Well, of course we know Fethiye - but you should never rest on your laurels. There's always something new to learn about wherever you may reside. In Fethiye's case, there's always restaurants or bars that we've never tried, be it newly-opened or a local … [Read more...]

About Turkish Meze – It’s More Than Just A Starter

Meze: a savoury food eaten while drinking (esp. alcohol), appetiser, hors d'oeuvre. (1) Meze is an integral part of the Turkish dining experience, it's our favourite part of the Turkish dining experience, and it's also difficult to describe. There's no equivalent in British cuisine and therefore … [Read more...]

Rakı Night – Learning The Art of a Turkish National Drink

Rakı: a Turkish institution; the chosen tipple of millions of Turks; sampled by many foreign visitors to Turkey (with varying degrees of success); a clear, 40-45% proof aniseed-flavoured alcoholic drink; transforms into a cloudy, milky-white liquid when water is added; known to many as 'lion's … [Read more...]

Turkish Food – Lost In Translation

The photo you can see below is minced meat encased in a minced meat and bulgur wheat shell. In Turkey, this delightful little torpedo of tastiness is called İçli Köfte. If you're familiar with Middle Eastern cuisine, you could well be looking at it and thinking it's Kibbeh. Whichever name you choose … [Read more...]

Turkish Food – Pickles. It’s official…They’re good for you!

One of the good things about starting this blog is we find out loads of information we didn't previously know - some of it because you feel like you have to do a bit of research then you don't write complete rubbish all the time and some of it because other people pass on their info when you write … [Read more...]

Turkish Food – Pickled Vegetables (Turşu)

We're starting to think we must have been Turks in a past life. It's the pickles, you see! We love them! For me, when I was a kid, I used to love eating pickled onions or red cabbage straight from the jar followed by a few spoonfuls of the vinegar. I got no end of telling off from my mum for this - … [Read more...]