The Merry Month Of May – In Fethiye

Our monthly Fethiye news articles seem to come around very quickly but yet, today, sitting typing this article, I'm thinking back to the beginning of May and it seems like such a long time ago. Friends were here and it feels like an age since we saw them. All good, then, that life isn't passing by … [Read more...]

The International Ölüdeniz Air Games – Fantastic!

Each year, in October, the Fethiye events calendar features the International Ölüdeniz Air Games. We always try to get over there for at least one of the days just to soak up a bit of the atmosphere, take a few photos and enjoy the last throes of the summer season on the beach. If the weather's … [Read more...]

Ölüdeniz Water World Aquapark – A Fun-Packed Day For All

Aqua parks: what's your take on them? We've just been reading some reviews of Ölüdeniz Water World Aquapark. One person wrote, "Who doesn't love an aqua park?" Errm, is it just me, then, who looks up at water slides and gets an uneasy queasy feeling? There's a bit of longing there, too, of … [Read more...]

Elif Çağlar In Ölüdeniz – A Great Night At Buzz Beach Bar

Jaaaazzz; never been my thing, especially when everyone with a musical instrument in their hands starts to go off on one in their own little musical trance-like-state and the result is just a cacophony of noise. I just don't get it, and all that ever springs to mind is John Thomson in his hilarious … [Read more...]

Ölüdeniz Lagoon, Springtime Paradise

After the winter we've had - not just in Fethiye but throughout the whole of Turkey - this year, any sign of warm spring sunshine and we're out there, relishing in that lovely feeling of pleasant heat on your back. April started off full of promise. And then, from nowhere, the last throes of winter … [Read more...]

Scenes From Babadağ’s (Almost) Summit – Just Because It’s Scenic!

Well, hasn't this turned out to be a Babadağ mini series! First of all, we wrote about why we came to be up on top of this fabulous mountain in the first place; there was a performance up there as part of the Fethiye Classical Music Festival in memory of Benyamin Sönmez. But we couldn't leave it … [Read more...]

Benyamin Sönmez Classical Music Festival And Babadağ – Just Wow!

Each year, for the last few years, Fethiye has played host to a classical music festival in memory of young cellist, Benyamin Sönmez. Benyamin Sönmez was an up and coming master of the cello. A winner of various awards and visitor to many countries where he was invited to play at many prestigious … [Read more...]

Eating & Drinking In Fethiye: The HangOut In Ölüdeniz

We don't get over the hill from Fethiye to Ölüdeniz very often...but when we do, we have a few favourite places we like to go to - and then, occasionally, we'll venture to somewhere new just for a change of scenery. Well, we don't want to be getting stuck in our ways, now, do we? Favourites … [Read more...]

13th International Ölüdeniz Airgames – The Photos

Last Friday was the first day of the International Ölüdeniz Air Games. This year's event was a 5-day affair (the final day being today) and this year, we managed to make it over the hill twice to see what was going on. 13th International Ölüdeniz Air Games 2012 Ölüdeniz is famous for its … [Read more...]

Faralya to Ölüdeniz Road – A Photo

It's Friday and time for another Fethiye photo. Last week's photo was the view of Fethiye's Karagözler and the Ece Saray Hotel, taken from the marina at the Yacht Classic Hotel. We've spent a lot of time there this last fortnight as our friends have been staying there. Alas, another holiday has come … [Read more...]