Fethiye Photo: The International Ölüdeniz Airgames

Well, today's Fethiye photo was never going to be anything else, really, was it? Today is the first day of the annual International Ölüdeniz Airgames: three days of paragliders, parascenders, paramotors, microlights, and whatever else may be there, sharing the airspace around the skies of … [Read more...]

Fethiye Photo: A View Of Coldwater Springs From Above

Well, we've not had to do this for a while - you know, that one where the Friday photo becomes the Saturday photo. We have a good excuse for this week in that we were trundling up Turkey's Aegean coast by bus yesterday, for six hours. And then when we arrived in Izmir, and had unpacked and settled, … [Read more...]

Faralya to Ölüdeniz Road – A Photo

It's Friday and time for another Fethiye photo. Last week's photo was the view of Fethiye's Karagözler and the Ece Saray Hotel, taken from the marina at the Yacht Classic Hotel. We've spent a lot of time there this last fortnight as our friends have been staying there. Alas, another holiday has come … [Read more...]

Ölüdeniz To Kabak In Photos

Whenever we have friends over to visit, we always like to try to take them somewhere in the area that they've never seen before - somewhere that sends them home with vivid memories of their time in Turkey. The friends who are here at the moment have been to Fethiye many times before, and so, for … [Read more...]

Ölüdeniz Earthquake And Being With Friends

We're sitting in the house and I'm uploading photos for a blog post. We've decided to write about one of the new restaurants in Fethiye and then, as the photos are uploading, the olive oil bottle crashes to the floor (and, miraculously, doesn't smash) before the house starts to shake. We look up at … [Read more...]

Butterfly Valley From The Lycian Way – A Photo

It's Friday and it's time for the last Fethiye photo for the month of March. A couple of weeks back, we had a photo of a view of Fethiye marina from the Karagözler - but the week before that, we were finally able to include an Ölüdeniz shot into the series. The photo is an almost aerial view of … [Read more...]

Ölüdeniz From The Lycian Way: A Photo

Friday is here again. The weeks pass by so quickly and it doesn't seem seven days since we were announcing our new look Facebook page by way of a screenshot containing a photo of Fethiye. But that was last week - and this week we have a first for 2012... Throughout 2012, we're (hopefully) … [Read more...]

Fethiye Weather – Four December Photos

It's a question everyone asks: What's the weather like in Fethiye in _____? (Insert month). We all know July and August are scorchers on the Southwest coast of Turkey and rain or cloud is very rare. Spring and autumn are pleasant - our favourite time of year in fact - and winter can be anything from … [Read more...]

12th International Ölüdeniz Air Games – First Day Photos

At the moment, we're still getting used to having a bit of extra time on our hands since the end of our busy summer in Fethiye and then returning from our break in Istanbul. Yesterday, the Fethiye weather was perfect; temperatures in the mid-20s, blue skies, pleasant sunshine. We had no fixed plans, … [Read more...]

Turkish Beer: Efes Pilsen

Picture the scene. You're lazing on a sun lounger along Belcekiz Beach in Ölüdeniz. It's the height of summer with temperatures heading towards 100 degrees and the sun's intense heat reflects off the pebbles on the beach. Perspiration and spray from the crashing waves leaves your lips dry and … [Read more...]