A Bodrum To Kos Day Trip – Exploring Kos Town On Foot

This beautiful country that we live in; so much to see and do. And we do and see a lot. Still much of the Turkey map to be explored of course, but there are also other places, in close proximity, that tempt us across borders and waters. Some of the Greek islands are so close to the […]

Wandering Around The Houses Of Odunpazarı, Eskişehir’s Eski Şehir

“Eskişehir’s sights do not mount to a great deal and it’s not a place you would want to hang around in for more than a few hours. Fortunately, there are good road and rail connections…” (1) Wow, how quickly things can turn around. You can’t beat an out of date guidebook. This quote is from […]

Fethiye’s Clock Tower & The Tale Of Beşkaza

There is always something new to learn living in Fethiye. We had never heard of Beşkaza until a few weeks ago. Here is the story of Beşkazalı…

Fethiye Famous Heads: Yavuz Sultan Selim

We’re now up to number 4 in our series about the identity of the figures important in modern Turkish and Ottoman history; the figures considered significant enough to be made into a bust and fixed atop a marble fountain along Fethiye harbour. Known as the Fethiye heads, they’re a well known landmark and often used […]

Fethiye Famous Heads: Fatih Sultan Mehmet

Fatih Sultan Mehmet is number 3 in our series about the identity of the busts sitting on their marble plinth overlooking Fethiye harbour, otherwise known to us as the Fethiye heads. Previously, we’ve researched Mehmet Akif Ersoy (writer of today’s Turkish National Anthem and instrumental in the beginnings of the Turkish Republic) and we’ve also written about Osman […]

Fethiye Famous Heads – Osman Bey

Last week, we finally kick-started our new series about the ‘Fethiye heads’ with a bit of information about Mehmet Akif Ersoy. Penning the national anthem of the new Republic of Turkey in the early 1920s naturally gave him his prominent position in modern Turkish history. He was there right at the beginning of Turkey as […]

Around Fethiye: The Fethiye Heads

Today sees the start of yet another new mini-series on Turkey’s For Life. When writing a blog, it’s strange how curious you become about surroundings you’ve always been aware of but never really taken much notice of.  Along Fethiye harbour there are numerous bars, restaurants, street gyms and parks. There’s also a fountain known to […]

Rhodes Old Town – The Ottomans

When I was younger, I was an expert armchair traveller (I still am) and had an image in my head of all Greek islands. They all looked exactly the same and you can probably guess the picture: idyllic, whitewashed buildings with blue-painted doors and window frames, geraniums and bougainvillea surrounding the houses, sheer cliff faces […]

Fethiye Culture Centre: A Glimpse of Ottoman Turkey

At any given time throughout the year, there are different types of exhibitions on at Fethiye Culture Centre; otherwise known as ‘the blue building.’ Sometimes it’s local artists displaying their latest work, textile creations or pottery – and other times, it can be a local school exhibiting the results of recent projects or performing a […]

Turkish Food: Hünkar Beğendi – An Ottoman Classic

Quite possibly one of the best Turkish aubergine dishes I have ever tasted: Hünkar Beğendi. The first time I tried it was at a restaurant in Ölüdeniz. We’d been there once in the past and Barry ordered it whilst I ordered something obviously less memorable since I have no idea what I ordered! I tried […]