Club Letoonia Fethiye – Our Full Hotel & Resort Review

For many years, we'd walked along Fethiye harbour looking across the bay towards Club & Hotel Letoonia. It's far from an unpleasant sight; traditionally-styled 'bungalows' with terracotta tiled roofs built onto the hillside and surrounded by lush green foliage. In the summer months, the … [Read more...]

The All New Kuleli Beach Park – We Just Had To Check It Out…

A tad relieved... That's how we're feeling now after having spent a couple of hours yesterday at one of our favourite Fethiye beaches, Kuleli. Because when you've known and loved somewhere for so long and then that somewhere changes. And changes a lot. Well, you're gonna be a bit concerned or … [Read more...]

Springtime Walking In Fethiye – Blossom, Views & Instagram

We've been talking about springtime a lot on our Facebook page over the past few days - and you can't really blame us for our joy and excitement about this, can you, after the winter weather we've had? Yeah, we've still got rain and storms - quite a meaty one, in fact, just a few nights ago that me … [Read more...]

Trekking in Fethiye – A Hike Around Fethiye’s Peninsula

We love this walk (it’s actually more of a hike) because it's circular and there are constant views of the sea. It's 8 miles (just under 13 km) round with a start and finish at the Marina Boutique Hotel in Fethiye. Although it's a road walk, the road isn't heavily used and you'll only be passed by a … [Read more...]