East Turkey Road Trip Part 1 – Patnos To Muradiye

Oh, do you remember a while back when we told you we were taking you on our East Turkey road trip? We even asked you if you were ready. Well, quite obviously, we weren't ready because we've still not done it. Well, all that is about to change. We have a new determination this week - maybe even a … [Read more...]

Turkish Food – Famously Eating Our Way Through Patnos, Ağrı

Most of our overnight stays in eastern Turkey were spent in our friend's apartment in Patnos where she teaches. Amazingly, we don't have a single photo of Patnos itself - it's a small town, no landmarks to speak of, and as soon as we set foot off the bus from Erzurum, you could almost feel the … [Read more...]

Spring Just Sprung In Eastern Turkey – And We’re Loving It!

At the moment, we're on the final leg of a bit of a trek around Turkey. If you remember when we wrote about our Turkey travel plans (so far) for 2013, we said we would go north from Fethiye by bus up to Eskişehir, across to Ankara by high speed train and then we would take the overnight Van Gölü … [Read more...]