The Journey To The Summit Of Babadağ – Scary Or Mesmerising? You Choose…

In our last Babadağ post, we wrote about the event that took us up there; the live music performance as part of the Fethiye Classical Music Festival in memory of Benyamin Sönmez. There can’t be many more perfect settings for live music than the top of the Fethiye area’s highest mountain; Mediterranean scenes below, silhouetted […]

How Can We Not Love Kaş? A Few Photos

We’re taking you, the reader, all over the place at the moment, aren’t we? For our last post, we were up in Eskişehir, enjoying a brunch of köfte and piyaz and for today’s post…we’re bringing you right back down to Turkey’s Mediterranean coast for a little photo tour of the centre of Kaş. We’ve done […]

Turkey 2012 – The Online Year That Was…

Our final blog post of 2012 and we thought we’d keep it light and do something a bit different at the same time. Usually, the taking of photographs is down to the female half of this little blogging twosome but 2012 brought about some changes. We were bought a rather lovely  last Christmas (thanks dad!) […]

When The Sun Goes Down – Six Izmir Photos

Memories from our time in Izmir: there are a lot of them. Food more than played it’s part by way of the söğüş, Çeşme kumrusu and the stuffed mussels. In between meals, we also managed a bit of sightseeing. Of course, we couldn’t go to Izmir without taking many photographs of the famous Izmir Saat […]

Istanbul: Egyptian Spice Bazaar In Black & White

As shopping centres go, the Egyptian Spice Bazaar in Istanbul is both
historic and aesthetically pleasing. We love walking through the Bazaar to
sense history and breath in the jumble of aromas…

Istanbul Travel Photo: Taksim – Tünel Historic Tram

Yesterday evening and through the night, Fethiye had its first, long awaited, late summer rain. Heavy skies and humidity preceded it and we were grateful to wake up this morning to flat calm sea, views of the hills and, more importantly, a bit of fresh air. We’re starting to wind down now after another hectic […]

Izmir Travel Photo: An Aegean Sunset – And A Question

The sunset photo – a bit of a cliché of the photography world, but aren’t they just irresistible? Wherever we are, we always like to try and catch a good sunset. The trouble is, we’re a bit spoilt in this part of Turkey. We can watch the increasingly famous Çalış Beach sunset whenever we like, a […]

Istanbul Street Food – Black & White Series

Time to get back onto one of our favourite topics…Turkish street food!
Here are some classics and favourite street foods of ours. All Istanbul,
and all in black and white…

It’s Not Fethiye – A Rome Photo

A Friday photo with a difference today. Yes, we are supposed to be showing photos from the Fethiye area of Turkey…and that’s what’s different. What you’re looking at now is a cafe society scene from the beautiful city of Rome. We’re in Italy until next Friday and will be in Rome until tomorrow afternoon. Tomorrow […]

Exploring Xanthos – A Photo Tour

Our previous post was a series of photos showing different scenes from the site of the temple of Leto, Letoon. This post is another photo story but this time, all the shots are of different areas of the site of Xanthos. While Letoon was the religious centre of the Lycian Federation, Xanthos was the Lycian […]