Spinach And Potato Puff Pastry Rolls – A Dream Combination

Ahh, yes. We have discovered the joy of puff pastry. Or, to give it its Turkish name, we have discovered the joy of experimenting with milföy böreği. We're Brits. We know puff pastry well, of course. Pasties and sausage rolls were a staple, growing up. But we had never cooked with it before. Until … [Read more...]

A Recipe For Traditional English Deep Dish Meat & Potato Pie

We do get the odd pang, every now and then, for some good old English comfort food (remember our recipe for home made crumpets many moons ago?) and recently, during a rare cold snap in Fethiye, our bodies just decided it was time for a bit of that type of food. That type of food where you forget … [Read more...]

Hamsi: What To Do With Those Annoying Leftovers

As far as seasonal food in Turkey is concerned, this time of year is our favourite. We're still enjoying pomegranates, young citrus fruits are starting to appear in their winter abundance on the markets ...and hamsi is on Fethiye fish market. We love hamsi! Last week, we took ourselves off to the … [Read more...]

A Turkish Potato Salad Recipe: Patates Salatası

Potato salad - it's a classic dish, isn't it, but never tastes the same wherever you go to eat. Each person who makes it has their own potato salad recipe and, over our years of living in Turkey, we're quite comfortable with our own Turkish potato salad recipe after experimenting with different … [Read more...]